Hi readers & friends. I am super busying taking care of my newborn baby. So got no much time to update my blog. But i will often upload some photos of my son. (: Being a Mother is hard as there is much thing to do it on yourself. But i believe i can be one of the good mother. What i hope now is Kayden will be healthy, happily & listening. & Friends, i will be holding Kayden full Month celebration on 19June, any of you coming please let me know on 3rd of June. Thank. <3

3:01 PM LOVE Y


Kayden Wong hav arrives on 20May2011, 17:56pm at 2.668kg.

10:20 PM LOVE Y


Went for my last check up today. Before doctor, having my breakfast with my hubby! (: Doctor announces that from tomorrow to 24th of May if still not yet giving birth, on the 25th May early in the morning 6am hav to reach Hospital for putting tablets & wait for give birth. So my baby will be born on either 25May or 26May yea! I am so nervous & excited. So my dear friends please be free on 25th May & 26th May to visit me ah. ^v^

10:42 PM LOVE Y


Happy Mother's Day! <3

11:10 PM LOVE Y


End Of April & end of nonsense. Happy May. Went check up today with hubby. Doctor say our precious Kayden will be born on next week or two week time. & he is now at 2.5kg. Cant wait for it, am so excited. (: After doctor went to Bugis Village having MacDonald as our lunch. Shop around then down to TPY HDB Hub together with hubby mom. Enquirer bout house applying & take a look of the sample of the housing. (: Will apply once there is new housing build at SEMBAWANG!

11:59 PM LOVE Y


Ladies sense is always right. She did text you in the morning. Like a reminder oh. You gotten a good life. Does not hav to worried which outlet you are going to. I'm so pound of you. I wanna say, a colleague spend five working days with 3 time of 12hrs working hours together plus 24/7 of msg & call compare to a wife with spending the other 5 times of 12 hours for your five working days & 2off days plus your free time msg. Although the times is long with me but you see, 10pm knock off, reach home about 10.25pm, sleep at about 12am or earlier, Spend less than 2hours with me on your each working days, Morning whenever I wake up, you already left for work, msg some time text less than 15 texts per day when you are busying, off day although you are with me all along but there is always text & call from her all along. So can you see? Who you are spending more time with? I understand it's work, but how come a colleague keep on msg & calls you none stop even on your off day?

1:45 PM LOVE Y

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