I believe you hav read my blog as I can feel you are getting closer & more lovely to me... But, so what you did?.. I really don't wish to insult anyone due to my pregnant but if I did, god please forgive.. If I can I will just call her BITCH/SLUT! Only a girl with itchy pussy will do that.. Can't she use her brain or butt to think uh? She really wanna make people think that she is one of them? So what if she Calls/Msgs you but you did not answer/reply in front of me? Things are still the same baby. She need either you or me to tell her stop fucking being a bitch/slut you understand? I can swear tomorrow morning or whatever so she will fucking text you before you go work! I believe with my sense, if she really did text you, that's already show the truth. Let wait & see, I am sure I'm not wrong!

11:52 PM LOVE Y


Went swimming & having lunch at Sembawang Shopping Centre, Aston Restaurant with my hubby. Please don't mention anything bout her to me, I don't even wanna to know can't you see? Your off day yet still Msgs & Calls with her.. I give up, just text & calls as you guys want, really can't be bother anymore.. Just realize that My April post mostly are all about her. Baby just wanna to let you know, I'm really enjoyed & happy whenever with you around with me but once her texts/calls appear my mood suddenly changed. D;

11:59 PM LOVE Y


I always trust you as you always prove how much you love me. You also know what i dislike & hate most. I dislike & hate when girls 24/7 message with you. I really don't mind a few texts from girl friends or colleagues but not everyday for the whole day! I'm getting jealous easily, you should know. I still remember last time whenever you messaging with girls & you know that i dislike, you will stop doing that. But now different, you cant feel i dislike? Or you find that my texts to you is bored so you need someone else to have a text? I don't wish to cried everyday. I don't want when my baby born out to have a sadly face. So i keep on trying to smile & be happy each day but every night i still cried & every morning when you left to work i cried too. I cant even control myself from crying... Just feeling so down & moody. Sigh. Just when will everything stop?

12:48 PM LOVE Y


Few days ago, I hav planed for today to go swimming & having Mac breakfast, but ended up you decided to hav your off on thur & sat. Fine! Morning 10am went to buy Mac breakfast alone Home eat. Afternoon at 3pm plus your staff being sent over to head office so you will be alone, I am worried that you will not be able to go lunch so wanna to pack food for you but you insist NO, don't wanna trouble me & wanna me to rest more & as you say later At 4pm plus there will be a staff going over to help up. Okay FINE then. Maybe my worried is extra. & then I realize is her. It's her off day today oh. Wow, with no pay she yet wanna down to help you up? SO KIND OF HER! At first I still tot is company called her down to help you? Today you dint delete finish her text, know what I saw? "I bathe okay liao, so you want me to come or not?" WTF is this? Totally PISSED OFF! Do you know, every night before I went off to bed, I cried secretly. ); I really feel so sad & mad bout it. Keep pretending that there is nothing going on. My heart hurt so much.. You will never know!!! Whenever I think of it, I can't get to sleep. Always waited till 3-4am plus then sleep. Do you know? I really can't understand which type of colleague can msg 24/7 none stop? Really got so much topic to chat about? Then what about me? We got nothing else to chat at all. ); I'm really feeling so down.. Just hope that you both will stop being so close can? Stop pissing me off anymore please. D;

11:59 PM LOVE Y


I don't understand why are you deleting her msgs ONLY!? Are you afraid that i might get mad if i saw the msgs you both texting? Do you know, i even mad when you delete the msgs. You are showing me that there is something suspicious.. Thought there is no more 24/7 msgs/calls, but i am wrong totally wrong. You used to read my blog often, but now NO MORE AT ALL!? Your free time only messages/calls with her. You will never know how i feel each days. Its totally so pissed off. Whenever i thought of that, my eyes is full of tears... Its like i am feeling so unhappy each day but i am pretending to be nothing.

11:54 PM LOVE Y


Went Chinatown shopping with Baby's Mom & Sis. Baby's sis brought a baby trolley for my coming lovely Kaydan. Thank Still have many thing to buy.. Have to prepare many stuff to standby too. Like cotton wool, baby powder, baby lotion, skincare wipes, detergent, towels & many many more... Cant remember what other stuff have to buy. I'm gonna record down, in case. I'm now caving for Mac breakfast! Its been super duper long since i last eat. Almost a year? I miss big breakfast, hotcake & sausage muffin with egg! Gonna try to wake up early one day to buy..

11:41 PM LOVE Y


Morning went to KKH for check up, Kayden now at 2.2kg. & booked Class A1 for my delivery. (: After Doctor, travel down to Bugis Iluma for our lunch, having Subway & Durian wafer! Brought many stuff for after delivery use & need. Still not finish buying yet, there is many items i still need to buy. Oh dear, BROKE man! But for our baby, we have to. Next appointment on 5th of May, after that every week have to back for check up till give birth. So excited, cant wait for that day oh~ & yes, thing is getting better, hav not see you having calls or messages when off day. GREAT* Hope will carry on the same.♥

11:14 PM LOVE Y


Went for swimming at late morning with baby. Having New-York New-York as our lunch at Sembawang Shopping Center! Our first time eating New-York New-York. Expensive & small portion of food.. I think, I will not try again next time... Awaiting for 19th April, that's will be my last check up. Wondering how many kilometer is Kayden now(: Last month was 2.1kg. Can't wait for coming check up! :D

5:30 PM LOVE Y


Went to TongKang with baby to collect stuff from my supplier, funny is we got the wrong LRT. -.-" First time taking Lrt from SengKang that's why blur.. After that travel down to NEX mall as baby never there before. Prata as our lunch. Eaten so full. & so we shop for baby stuff, brought a bathe tub only. Was finding baby carrier, but can't find a cheap one. Kiddy palace sell $59.90? Rob bank man. -.-" I love NEX, cos there got a cafe for dogs, a playground look alike wild wild wet for kids & yes there is a Baby Spa too! (; Big shopping mall like Vivo City. Met Adeline & Dickson at NEX Mall, it's been a year or 2year since we last meet. Super long... Both of you, still like usual. When getting married? Hahahas!

7:13 PM LOVE Y

Every off days of your making me so moody or pissed off. Early in the morning already seeing someone calling you. May not know you both got message or not.. Are you a manager or supervisor? Can't find stock then have to call & ask you? If you are not working there anymore will she be calling you like now? I still remember last time you won't even pick up any calls that related to work when you are OFF! But now everything since different.. I can't be bother anymore. How I wish you can fast resign but I can't be so selfish. I asked you to continue cos w/o work w/o MONEY! But why you just don't seen how I feel each day? Can't you realize I'm feeling so pissed off & moody? Totally making my day so BLUE! & one more thing can't you just listen to my advice? Anything happen, whatever I say you like just one ear in another ear out. Do you really need to call her & hear her out? Then you will be more peaceful? You are making me feel like I am nothing, do you know that? FML!

11:13 AM LOVE Y


More than a month hav not been update my blog.. Was actually busying with my blogshop. It's April now, ohoh it's like so fast. Next month I'm going to be a young Mummy le. Hahahas. ;D My dearest Kayden Wong will be born either end of April or early May.& yea i hav put on weight!!! Look so chubby & face getting rounder... Readers & Friends, should i go get a Diploma for Marketing Management? Its cost $3,850.00 & takes just 10weeks to finish. Or should i go back hair line? Actually i wanna be Air Hostess. But need to get O' level & don't know what Diploma Course.. I am aiming for a diploma, car license, car & be a manager yea! I'm giving myself 2 years to finish all my wants. Friends & Readers, will you guys support me?

1:34 PM LOVE Y


I'm feeling jealous when my hubby keep messaging & chit chatting with his colleague HL. Reason: 24/7 non stop of messaging & calls. Before go work msg/calls, after work msg/calls, her off day msg/calls & my hubby off day msg/calls. I don't mind msg or calls but please please put me in your shoe. ): your working hours take 12hour every days & off 2days. 5days of seeing each other, off day still can't bear to separate? Feel so pissed off. Even off day I feel like I don't even hav much time spending with you. Not seeing you msg with her then chatting with her on phone. So much thing to chat huh? This remind me of our past. We use to msg & calls everyday. Morning, working hours, knock off hour, & even off day as well. Now it's like happening on both of you? Can't you even feel she 100000000000% got feeling for you? Alright, I may think too much? But it's so obvious can! Making me so pissed off each days. If one day there is a guy keep msg & call me 24/7 I believe you will know how it's feel. Shall end here, if not I'm more piss off...

1:59 AM LOVE Y

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