today school conducting graduation ceremony, so i went to school as well as paying th prom night fees yaa. th graduation ceremony was indeed v SAD as we gg to leave th school as well as teachers and friends. times really past fast. four year of secondary school life just ended so0n now. gg new school? no ideal of gg which ITE yet. hope can get in th same ITE with friends? sigh' teachers&friends, i will miss you guys! see you all at prom night time(; & i wish you all goodluck in ya future! lastly,

you guy, lastlong okay? ;DD

11:56 PM LOVE Y

ahhhh, i'm finally HOME le.
11oct-12oct. hmm, nvr went out? was all th way with dear. cant rember much.
13oct. went out with beeting. having sushi for our lunch! & a photo to show.
14oct. actually gg out with kelly, my twinneh but end up nvr. so sorry);

1:20 AM LOVE Y


wakeup at 11am. was suppose to meet beeting&pinyen 1pm @ bedok inter. but pinyen need to withdraw money & meet her boyF. so beeting&me went to bugis shop first. today i brought a shirt, shoes, belt & boy th formal? hahahas, shopping days dey! ;DDD then meet pinyen about 2pm plus at neoprint shop. lmaos, her boyF th friends wear untill so lorkock. wahaha, funny. was hungry le, so went to eat. finish eating then went to toilet zilian le. hahas, today really to0k alot of photo, but i intend to upload some. deciede to to0k neoprint, hooray! so long nvr took tgt with them le. finally* then went to zinc sh0p disturbb, LOLs. dajing was at thre work. went to interview for it job. hope can work? our expected pay is $1100. got ppl put 800plus neh!! but asked dajing to crash away th paper. LOLs. goodF of us dey(; after that jiu deciede to go back bedok. while we are waiting for th train to arrive, met junqiang, jasper & a schmate? they so disiao, keep talk back when we are sec1 time. wahahas, its funny& its fun. missed th time* reached bedok then we accompany pinyen go buy shoes(; & home sweet home! i'm gg to boy house now. will be updating untill i'm home or thre is a event for me. BYE,

7:07 PM LOVE Y


morning having EOA N' paper. finished at 9.30am. was hungry, actually want go eat? but nobody accompany so nvr go eat lo. then went to slack. was slacking with pinyen, melody & huiling. 11am plus reached home. msg suifeng to inform her not to forget later on meeting me 3pm at bedok inter. so sorry, i was late. not purposly th. while otw to take train, i met shirley, my sweethoney. lols. she was pretty laa;DD today was gg to fareast, suifeng was accompany me to find job. weetweet' thanks alot. bored, i was to0 young le? 16 only. fareast needed 18year or above th. sadded. find none job lo. sigh* dear, ben&heng was gg pratyworld for drink&sing @ 8pm. decieded to meet them, cos i missing him badly. 2days nvr meet him le, whhahas. so suifeng&me walked to cine for shop&arcade. to let time pass faster. wahseh, today cine hav alot of handsome dey. LOLs. so long nvr see ben&heng already, today finally meet them up tgt. && finally see dao dear le(; poor thing suifeng, she cant drink alcoho. i cant drink too, cos later drunk jiu siao. duhs. tmr got N' paper maa. hahahas. today i am so zilian, hahas. was using ben th phone took alot of photo. bleahs* 0ps, forgotten to delete all i zilian th photo on his phone. hehehe. nvr mind laa, my cute face dey=x duhs. was taking last train home. dear i so SEBUDE ni laa. but tmr got paper so i need to go home cant pei ni ton. so suay man, bo last bus le. so i walked home lo. lucky bo meet tio tikopek ahhhh. hahahas. some randomed photo here to show!

10:40 AM LOVE Y


awww, today nvr go out); dear today working so no meet him. just wakeup not long ago nia. duhs~ was suppose to meet suifeng pei me go find job th but, i was too tired le=x so change it to tmr. weetweet. tmr hav n'lvl paper to take neh); sian man. but no0n jiu can go out le. hohoho.
boy, imissyouuu! meet you up so0n

12:46 AM LOVE Y


04OCT2008, deardear pei me go find job(; we went to cine to hav an interview at th first floor th push cart shop. i was so paiseh dont knw how to say for interview lo=x hahahas. then we went to fasreast. weetweet' too bad nvr interview any job over there); cos too shy & dont knw how to say. lmao. then we shop shop. wahahas. after that we went to PS to hav our lunch or dinnir? lols. we go bunk walk one round see wherther got friend over thre not. & yeahs, we saw rafi, maple friend(; hahas, 0mg he's s0 dark=x LOLs. then we went to hav our food. when wwe are 0tw to foodcourt. suddenly, a boy come find taiji. say wht my boy walk untill so guailan at his zaidui? lmao lo. they quarrel untill like want to kiss each other? wahaha. so funny;DDD fucking guailan lo th boy. his age th most i can giv him is 16yr. walao, still say you dont run i here wait for you. RUBBISH lo! when ask ppl down liao go find them cant even find THEM! erxinnn laaa. why still got this type of ppl th? dare say dont dare do? LOL. so xiasuay th bunk name=,=" dotsdosdots! okay, after that we went to eat le. so hungry man. eat hao we went to catch a movie. connected' wahahaha. th show quite funny th(; so nice.

3:10 AM LOVE Y


i was too lazy to blog, almost forgotten i have a BLOG! lols. will not be updating offen le? now having N' level but finishing so0n. YEAHS! today paper was so fucking hard dey, 101% sure fail. hahahas(; i'm gg find job to work le. tmr will be gg to find with my dearest boy(; hope can get a job so0n so that i get some earn, to buy whatever i want, weet' havent got my new phone); sadded! changed target le, i want w760 instead w980. look nicer & cheaper. really hope to get a new phone with my earning money(; i'm not young le, i want to work & to save money. have to quit anyhow spending money habit liao=x now so poor laaaa~ i want to use my earning money to buy dear' birthday present;DDD isnt thats sound more sincerely? wahahaha! updating when i am FREEEEEEE~

7:46 AM LOVE Y

Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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