ytd LEON ask me go meet him as he got a gift for me? diedie must if not he dont wanna give me. lols. so went to meet him up! hahahaha. he gaving me pendant? gosh i nvr see he put beside my bag? so cute of him. LOL. & i'm just home frm joey BIKE. okay shell upload ALL MY PHOTO now!

3:48 AM LOVE Y


1oam wokeup, went to prepare all that. leon really look more like a girl. prepare so slow. =,=" 12pm then done. accompany him went to OCBC bank open account then trained to novena dont knw whre. (dont knw wht th place name =x) after that his turn to accompany me to ParkWay. haha. so we trained to PS then bus 36-ed to PP. (; went to style my hair & take examination tools? & bus 36-ed with nisyah, Sharmaine & leon to funan for our exam. gosh laa, kelly was so late man. i was like so kan zhiong sia. =,=" wash&blow for today. so easy can? hahas. i'm so action uh? lols. can really see is sure pass. teacher nvr even see how we wash&blow. only after finish everything he came to touch th hair whrther wet or not. =,=" wtf.. after that went to walkwalk awhlie then bus 36-ed back PP for kelly hair cut. after that having our dinner at tampines mall. pasta! weet. haha. & home sweet home.

12:24 AM LOVE Y


fucking hell! i was really so horrible laa. say wanna change & dont wanna let my mannager disppointed on me but.. today i'm fucking late to work! was start work at 12.5opm but i reach thre at 3.44pm! reason; i hav no money, so i waited for my mom home. while waiting i fall slp. she 3pm then home & shout-ed at me say why nvr go work. i was so fucking angry of myself. why am i hav such a bad habit? sigh. i really hav to save money frm now onward. no more cabbing anymore. after work kelly, jaron & zhengyang came fetch me as they gg back home & i'm gg to leon house overnight as tmr is my off day. (; shag, tmr praticial exam. kelly will be my model. hahahas.

11:11 AM LOVE Y



8:42 AM LOVE Y


MC frm work again. gosh, i was so horrible. went to take MC then cabbed down to sembawang meet leon as my MC is with him. lols. watch him COOK dinner for his family! cool sia. haha. after that accompany him to TPY kimage to pass some thingy. went to town shopping as he wanna to buy BAG? but ended up bought nthn.. =,=" was so hungry as leon suddenly feel like eating fresh cocklet? so trained back to sembawang eat. gosh, no fresh cocklet again? so he decide to eat just O-TA? whole day nvr eat still can tell me O-TA will do? so i order hor fun for him. hahas. after that went to meet xiaolongnu.

today went back to work. i was so scare that my mannager scarlett will scold me as i MC three days from work. she nvr scold me yet still so nice to me can? i really feel so bad for her. she told me everyone at PP kimage love me to work with them & she believe i love to work with them too. my worse attitude at work is MC & late. she believe i'll change so she keep giving me chance to stay & not leave. she is really a very nice mannager. i really dont with to disppointed her but just.. i'm really sick. scarlett, i'm really so sorry to you. i understand wht you trying to tell me. i believe i will change. i wont let you down anymore. i will try my very best to work & not MC or late. i really love working tgt with you guys. trust me, i will prove it & make it up for my mistake. after work went home change up then cabbed to sembawang to meet leon hav our dinner/supper. staying over at his house today. sorry for waiting so long. =x but still i was so good enough to go buy food up your house eat. touch not? haha.

3:15 PM LOVE Y


today MC again. sick man. so not feeling well. lols. meet leon 3pm at sembawang blk 508. went to take MC at yishun. after MC accompany him to jurong east find friend to get some thingy? i was so so tired man, slept at his friend house for awhile. 0h gosh, his friend th dog was so cute can? haha, name casper. after that trained back to sembawang to leon house to take clothes pass back to his ex-gf friend's. then went to hav our so call dinner? hahas. after eating leon accompany me to kelly house to take my thingy as i'm gg home today. ton-ed at kelly house about 3days alr? lols. then cabbed to 148 neil rd. PUB! meet timo. drink a few cups. i not good on drinking. sehseh now. so tired man. timo treat me cab home. thanks anyway. i was really enjoying for today. hahas. such a long time nvr so enjoy alr. okay, should end here. NIGHT RADERS!

2:02 AM LOVE Y


MC today as i'm feeling so sick can? twinneh accompany me go woodland take MC. thanks. after that went to caussway meet jaron, denz & jinwen to hav our so call brkfast? then bus-ed to jaron house slack. i was alone at living room watching chucky movie. nobody wanna watch with me. lols. after my show i went to jaron room watch american pie2 with twinneh. haha. was so funny can? like so sex thingy! =,=" lols. watch half way jaron gg out, go oversea. So stuoid lor him, then we walk out to get cab and cab to causeway. Denz also another stupid de, people wave at him cannot see us at all. lols. then take cab to kelly house first, then they went off to sengkang, went to twinneh house ton again. i'm was so feeling down now. suddenly i miss him so much. cant get to slp. sigh. NIC, i miss you so much.);

12:40 PM LOVE Y


woke up at 6am as i hav to go prepare & style my hair look nice then go back to funan taking my theory exam. cabbed to funan with nisyah as we tot we're gg to late. wtf.. funan havent even open. =,=" waste our cab fare man. fuck! hmm, meet leon & some student tgt at funan th entrance. then head to mac hav our brkfast. haha.(; after exam we went to MS slackslack take photo(; weet* nisyah anyanyhow sia! told leon i miss him alots behide my back! 0h gosh, make me so.. accompany nisyah back outlet to take my POSB card as i left it ytd. =,=" went home to change up as i hav to meet kelly twinneh up. & th fucking jaron was so act cute? ask me help him buy cigg then deliver to his house as i'm gg meet kelly. WTF.. help him buy th wht dunhill red? lols. then cabbed to woodland! lucky i got my pay alr. hahas. then he ask wanna go catch a movie? so i ask kelly wanna go as i treat her to watch. meet twinneh at sembawang mrt then asked jaron&kelly accompany me go yishun(northpoint) to visit LEON. hahas. i found out leon help customer wash hair was so fucking slow can? hahas. went to longjohn eat then kimage visit leon again. but wtf go at th wrong time again =,=" nvr mind, so wait for him awhile. lols. after visit we head to orchad for movie at Dido? weet, its a 3D movie. hmm, movie tgt with jaron, denz & kelly. hahas. after movie went to shop & eat then cabbed home to kelly house. i'm sick, really sick alr. headache & vomit! if tmr still not gg to recover i'll go take MC.

12:00 AM LOVE Y


oh gosh tmr is my theory exam! morning 8.30am hav to reach funan man. so early? i tot 10am open? lols. yeap, re col my hair just. look more green now. weet' so happy, haha. iLOVEgreen man. hmm, staying overnight at nisyah house tonight.

2:11 PM LOVE Y


so happy today nic msg me ask me wanna meet up or not. i was like so surprice man. hahas. so went to meet him at his house downstair after my work. slacked till 1am plus. hmm i met timo today too. haha. he really love PINK alot. his bike pink somemore! lols. ahh, i was darn tired man. NIGHT!

11:17 AM LOVE Y


over everything over. really give up this r/s. two week plus tgt then you realise we are not meant to be tgt. i dont blame you, is me th one who cause this ending. nic i'm really serious with you but just.. i'm not th girl that you ever wanted, its not truth. whtever, its already past. sad, of cos will sad. but still hav to move on. imissyou, i really do. :=( nvr mind. take good care of yourself okay? dont fall sick anymore, rember to drink more water & take your medicine.

12:55 AM LOVE Y


today working were so busy in th last mins. so no choice i hav to OT. should be 8pm knock off but yet 1opm then knock off frm work. after work went to nisyah precious house overnight. girlTALK! chit chat untill nisyah fall aslp! sigh, i was waiting for baby msg. why you dint reply me? hopfully tmr moring i wakeup can see your msg or miss call please! i'm missing you badly baby. >;

11:44 AM LOVE Y


off day, accompany mom cabbed to changi hospital for check up. meet thomas 6pm at bugis for my shopping. thanks thomas for helpping me to choose nice clothes for work. & thanks for your meal. hahaha. i wanna to wear nice & look mature. must change me okay? (; i wanna be somebody but not nobody, i wanna to be mature, i wanna work hard on my work & i wanna to be with NIC forever!

1:09 AM LOVE Y


today is zeki last day at kimage already. he'll be leaving kimage for army. sadded. hope he will not forget us. zeki, we'll miss th joke you made. free do drop down come & hav a visit. (; hmm, recently alot things happen. went to meet kelly on fri as we planned thats our mask day. i'm not having a good mood having a fright with baby but now we're okay already. went to SSC walk & dine for ASTONS! i brought lots of free goodies home. hahahas. lazy to type. lets photo talks.

1:06 AM LOVE Y

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