Today was darn busy at work man. cos of the F1 make Kimage MS give what stupid promotion. From 23sept to 29sept Air Wave Perm, Rebonding or Digital Perm for just $178net. Any hair lenght & including haircut & treatment! Prior appointment and voucher are required. its so cheap can? friends out there if inerested do visit kimage website to know more imformation. (; (Link)

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yupyup. hahas. thanks! miss&loves Too! meetup soon alright?
where got? his my puppy, i where will like that call him! (;
hellos, wth are you? put real name please... you not happy him is it?
hi, i'm fine. 0kay(;

2:39 PM LOVE Y


okay, i'm here to blog! working one week at Marina Square Kimage already.. still not really use to it. miss working at Parkway Parade Kimage. 8th months memories left over there... most importantly i miss my precious Nisyah & of cos my stylish Thomas... lets drop th topic. today accompany boyfriend to do his personal thing then down TPY Kimage to visit. anyway, saw CuiLian then Ben.. LOL. & was actually decide to eat at Crystal Jade but th steamboat start quite late so never got to eat. so we went to ZhengFa for steamboat again... LOLs. Boyfriend was so bad can! he say i am a pig & when come to food i will change to dinosaur! scold him whatever he will only reply once sentence. "whatever you also like" idiotic right?! like that he win already... awww! don't know why I'm so in love with him! he's really different with all other guys i met. although our age different alot but still his my Loved one. he's been my age before he wll know what i want, he will know what topic to talk to me & th most importantly he will know how to pamper me! Leon WJY he is my everything!

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mad ah you?
Lolls! i never act cute la. ass. lazy blog eh!
yup yup, thanks (;
K.elly ;
NO! you cant like that called my Luffy );

12:45 PM LOVE Y


first day at Kimage MS really quite not use to it. but i believe slowly i will use to it. lucky i was same outlet with Sebestian! he's same batch with me & now we're in the same outlet. happy of cos. i really hope this time no more same mistake for me anymore. & today is the most surprise & happy day for me. Finally now he's mine. Leon WJY, i love you so so so much! i really hope & wish to last with you. boy, you're just like my drug. I LOVE YOU TONS...
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thanks & anw so late then wish me! must as well dont wish... lol! birthday over quite few days liao lo. cute ass
i'm gona miss you darn much too. );

2:00 PM LOVE Y


hellos readers, today i was so sad can? my manager tell me that boss of th kimage company Nancy wanna to see me. so afternoon 4pm i went to funan kimage of hairdressing sch to see her. she told me my manager don't wanna me to work at Parkway Kimage anymore cos of my MC, Late & MIA. she wanna to terminate me. i was so upset bout it as i ask her for giving me one last chance. i really willing to change, i promise this time i'll not make th same mistake again. but th problem is PP kimage manager dont wanna me anymore.. but after all she helped me to find an outlet to transfer to. really thanks so much for giving me that one last chance. i really swear upon god, this time I'll really put in all my heart to work. please let me success! Nisyah & thomas, i will really miss you guys so much. you both are my closest workmate ever. hope when you guys free do drop down MS to find me (; Nisyah, must put in all your heart to work dont turn out to be like me. i love you th most darling. take good care!

9:13 PM LOVE Y


happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To ME... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
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thanks gf. (;
thanks phewyyyy! (;

10:02 PM LOVE Y

today my off day & tomorrow will be my birthday. tot of today will be the best birthday celebration ever but not... wake up quite late, 3pm plus then start go out with Leon. so another plan, went to Thomson look for puppy. brought a jack Russel mix bulldog! lol. named as LUFFY, his my birthday present. hahahas. after that send luffy home then we went to novena for ZhengFa SteamBoat. really none where to go already. although its sound boring & quite sad but after all i spend whole days with him! at least there's someone accompany me on my birthday eve! & most impt is Leon was there for me(; thanks so much! after I'm single i tot this year birthday will be lonely but i am wrong after all.

12:03 PM LOVE Y


Thank so much to thomas, nisyah, cindy & scarlett for my coming birthday celebration. Early celebrate with them at work as i got event on my birthday eve! Sadded is, my birthday still hav to work. Ahhh, nvr mind. Hopefully this coming birthday is th best birthday ever.
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okay, relinked! no more of changing pls!
love&miss you too!

10:58 AM LOVE Y

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