Thanks so much to Jess for my advance birthday present & meals. I'm really appreciate it a lot. (L)

11:35 PM LOVE Y


Happy 18th Birthday To OngBeeTing!

10:31 PM LOVE Y


Finally it's our same off day together. I'm yearning for Sakae Sushi almost a month but still don't have the chance to grab it. Maybe next week or next next week? I wanna to get my lenses as well but.. All blame to Singtel bill! Morning wake up yet found my phone being block from all outgoing calls & msgs due to my late payment of bill.. I'm feel so poor right now... Mood swim. Never got to eat sakae sushi, never got to buy my lenses & never got to go anywhere. Just whole day rotting at home. Can't spend too much anymore, have to clear my phone bill first. Sigh. Next coming Friday will be my 18th birthday. Wondering how's baby going celebrate for me & what have he brought for my birthday present. & lastly I wanna say is baby I am sorry for today. I nvr once saw you so mad before.

11:31 PM LOVE Y


After a year & now I finally got the chance to meet up with my dearest xingan, JiaYing. Our friendship will always stay strong no matter what. We are still as close as usual. I'm so sorry for letting xingan waited for me bout half an hour. She never get mad over me yet still give me a friendly smile. & she brought me a mini cake. Thanks so much my dear, you're always so nice & lovely. Although a few hours hang out is short but it's still so fun around with you. Next meet up we shall spend more time together & really hope one day there's a chance we hang out together with our boy. Don't forget our next coming outing is on Sept & Dec as well. (L)

lastly, Happy Birthday To Jess!

10:52 PM LOVE Y


Happy 18th Birthday To Lim Sally, Yuki!

9:22 PM LOVE Y


Was actually meeting Adeline Tan up today but last min she have no choice to cancel as she say her puppy goes something wrong. So I was finding friend to meet. Sad that none of my girl friends are able to meet me. But I'm still lucky that my buddy Kieth is kind enough to meet me up. (; meet him 1.30pm at AMK Mrt control then to Orchard. First of all we went to have our lunch at Wisma Food Republic. Then down to everywhere at orchard to search for my boy One Year Anniversary Present. Finally I brought it, it's my first choice of present to get for baby. Hope he will like it. (L) Oh ya, it's remind me of something. Baby last year birthday present also buddy Kieth accompany me to go buy. Haas. Thanks so much. & Today we have Chit-chat quite a lot of his relationship problem. I can say Keith you're too stupid enough to love that type of cheap small girl. 4months of relationship to you is long as you never had that long before. But a 16yrs of girl is still so young to understand what real love are... Listen to my advice, Without her you will be more happy... Buddy of Two Years & Counting.

11:07 PM LOVE Y


Happy 45th Birthday To Singapore & Happy 11th Months Anniversary To Baby & Me! (L)

11:54 PM LOVE Y


Happy 20th Birthday To My Dearest JiaYing XinGan.

7:56 PM LOVE Y


Today bring luffy to clinic for his microchip then apply for his license as caught by hosing board that luffy have no license. ); friendly hosing board didn't fine luffy if not it's going to fine a SGD $4000... Luffy was so brave, don't feel a pain at all while putting Th microchip inside his body. Oh god I can't wait for my pay day!!! I'm totally broke...

12:39 AM LOVE Y

Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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