12sept2008, wakeup at 1pm ++. gg out with suifeng dey(; wowow so long nvr see her le. hahahas, i was really damn miss her! we meet 3.30pm at bed0k inter. went to town shop shop. 0tw t0 take train, met melody&huiling. & say le after we all meet hao friend & something then meet tgt go chalet.. wah, they are so pretty dress-ed unlike me); thenthen, when we reached cine, we went to shopp, 0mg man its seen like so empty over thre. still early baa? thats why not much ppls at cine. after walk-ed frm 5th lvl t0 1st lvl we went to have our brkfast or lunch? KFC, we hav our zinger meal. thats th 1st time i hav zinger meal. hmmm, quite nice th. i finish it all ley, mean thats nice man. after cine, we went to fareast shopp, feeling bored le. nthn much to shopp dey. thenthen, we went to meet xiaobai, cos she working at fareast(; 8.30pm, we decided to go back le. we to0k bus 518 to tampines TP. wowow, we waited for 43mins for th bus come man!!! WTF, so long. but its alright, i have alot of time to waste(; weetweet' th time was just nice, cos i needed to meet my friend at 10.30pm then tgt go to friend chalet(; & meet melody thre all at eastcoast, but ended up they lazy to walk to blk E to find us. so nvr meet with us.); lalalals, each days when i was out with friend & is th days i feel th real friend are for.

1:59 PM LOVE Y


s0 0mg laa, my phone sot, s0 nvr to0 any ph0t0); i wanna to buy new phone! i aim ready a phone. w980, nice but expencive man. n0 c0ntract need 600 ++ buck. m1 line 300 ++ buck, single 200 ++ buck. but single i cant sign); i need my parent t0 help me. hope to get th phone so0n by this m0nth. i really cant stand my phone anymore. damn sot, batt spoil i think?
i wish i wish i wish, i wish to get my new phone by this month!!! >,<

4:04 PM LOVE Y


03SEPT2008! Happy Birthday To Me! weetweet' deardear thank y0u very much f0r helping me celebrate my 16th birthday. i really d0 enj0y with y0u. b0y i really love you more more & more. d0nt ever leave me 0kay?

boy, ade & kaiwei thanky0u s0 much f0r making those event for my birthday, i'm really apperciate it. hav lot of fun with you guy. (; 0mg, i really miss th car. so great that you guy rent th car for my b'day. weetweet' && lastly ty anutie f0r th fl0wer sweet.

we went t0 party world ktv sing sing sing. hohohs. having my birthday cake&s0ng thre to0. weetweet' i am to0 zilian le, wakaka. keep ask ade 0r b0y free t0 take ph0t0 with me maa. hahahs. i knw i am cute =x jkjk. 0ps f0rg0t t0 upload th bello0n pic. anyway s0 happy with y0u guy man.

1:19 AM LOVE Y

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