b0ring w0r.
tmr sat le.
d0nt knw want meet dear maa.
ahhaa, must see i can wake up maa.
deardear, i knw y0u miss me laa.
i als0 miss y0u th.
if tmr i can wakeup early w0 jiu meet ni 0kaay?
maucks laa. w0 hui try th 0kaay?
w0ainiiii aah!
n0 event f0r t0day als0! (;
ahhahaha, try t0 find event f0r tmr.
if i meet my dear jiu b0 update lia0.
lalalas~ pei yang gan qing maa.
bu ya0 jeal0us! (((;
will c0ntiune update my b0lg untill i am reach hm th.
wakakaka. GOODNIGHT!

11:48 PM LOVE Y

who gg t0 text me 0ut laa?
i am damn b0red laa.
r0t at h0me everyday lehh.
0nly weekend cai meet my boyF.
n0 event f0r me naa.
pls text me go 0ut laa anyone?
i s0 l0ng b0 g0 sh0pping le nehh.
since last thur gg 0ut with beeting.
hais, b0red laa.
dear, i miss y0u!
meeting y0u up so0n lia0.
pei yang gang qing! ((;
i LOVE you! x3

12:22 AM LOVE Y


s0 many days n0 update my bl0g le.
just reach hm frm my boyF hus since yrd nia.
aahhaa, pei yang gan qing with him!
LOLs! actually ytd was t0 update blog th.
but i was to0 tired lia0 le.
s0 i went t0 slp lo.
ermm, today no event nehh.
h0liday le wor! (((;
all my gans and friends!
pls text me 0ut g0 kisia0 laa.
i miss all 0f y0u! LOVES***

8:53 PM LOVE Y


just g0t dc fr0m mapleing.
LOLs, n0w nthn t0 d0 le.
ROARRRs, was s0 hungry n0r.
t0day last day 0f sch w0r,
sad i never g0!
actually wanna g0 th but i was t0o tired le.
t0day never meet dear to0.
dear meet y0u tmr 0kaay?
maucks, pei ni da0 tue laa!
iloveyou! ((;
end here le baa.
nthn else t0 share le.
nite all~

4:18 AM LOVE Y


never g0 sch! (:
t0day meet beeting 1pm at bed0k inter!
we went to TM f0r 0ur j0b interview plus SHOPPING.
was s0 paiseh lo, d0nt knw want t0 say what.
ahaa, went t0 mintoons, toy r'us, popular, promoter and watsons!
after 0f all we 0nly manage t0 get mintoons, promoter and watsons.
but d0nt knw can w0rk maa?
they 0nly ask us t0 wait f0r their call.
after sh0p & interview finish we went back t0 bed0k inter.
beeting pei w0 g0 buy sh0es. (;
t0day spend al0t 0f MONEY! $101 T.T
i still g0t all receipts with me!
t0tal br0ugh le 0ne mang0 tank t0p,
rem0ve make up th wet paper,
0ne pair 0f sh0es & s0mething f0r my deardear th! ((;
h0pe he will like it.
scare he will say waste m0ney. ));
deardear, i miss y0u damn l0t man.

9:45 AM LOVE Y


m0rning bring my mama go hospital.
cos she have to 0perati0n t0day.
butbutbut, stupid d0ct0r say change t0 nxt m0nth 11st!
WTH.. waste taxi fare man!
g0 thre mei da0 1hr jiu g0 hm lia0!
waste my eff0rt laa! ROARRRRs!
sleep untill 9pm plus jiu wakeup le!
NO LIFE laa!
everyday at h0me.
0nly wait till weekend g0 meet dear.
h0liday is c0ming!
i g0nna text all my beloved gans meet up kisia0!
aah! finally my enj0y days c0me liao.
dear i try t0 meet y0u friday uhh.
c0s maybe friday i gg back sch maa.
then s0mem0re y0u g0t w0rk!
pangseh me al0ne at y0ur hus meh? T.T
bleahs, try laa 0kaay?
dear, y0u are my last!
w0aini ahPHEWWWW! (;

7:42 AM LOVE Y


t0day slp untill 8pm plus w0r!
wa s0 late.
n0 event lehh! want write what nehh?
dear, sick lia0 uuh?
g0 take medi laa!
ha0ha0 takecare y0urself laa.
d0nt make me w0rry laa.
guaiguai laa 0kayy!
w0aini laa.
meet y0u 0n sat laa 0kayy?
when h0liday le,
y0u want me pei ni h0w l0ng jiu h0w l0ng.
n0w ni guaiguai laa.
i knw y0u miss me.
i als0 miss y0u al0t maa.
dear, i really love y0u damn lot.
i wanna hug you tight and never gonna let go
i will alway be thre f0r y0u!
ahPHEWWWW iloveyou!

11:33 PM LOVE Y

t0day i am maple chi0ngster!
ahaa! 10x le nehh.
s0 happy! ch0ing da0 sia0 lo.
dear als0 ch0ingster lvl 102! @@
warh, i am tired nor.
frm 2am ch0ing da0 6pm lo.
then g0 rest awhile nia jiu wakeup ch0ing again.
t0day up 7 level lehh!
p0wer maa? ahaa! bu yao jeal0us! ^^
n0t gg sch le tmr.
hehes, deardear!
meet you on sat laa 0kay?
nxt week h0liday liao maa.
caqn pei ni da0 sia0 th laa.
d0nt w0rry, we g0t s0 many time!
imy laa^^ bu ya0 gei w0 h0ng h0r!
&& ILOVEYOU can?
siewTIN-G 爱 ahPHEWW!

8:45 AM LOVE Y


never update ytd c0s i was with my BOY-F
spending time with him.
actually t0day gg meet seekee g0 find j0b th.
but end up never le.
cos i was n0t really feeling well.
was playing mahj0ng 0ne wh0le night!
untill m0rning 8plus nehh.
then my b0yF d0nt want me g0 0ut als0 since i was sick.
then jiu never meet seekee le!
seekee PS lehh.
we meetup 0ther day 0kayy?
dear, n0 m0re quarreling lia0 uhh?
see h0w sweet we b0th.. when with n0 quarrel
we must stay 0n like that laa
quarrel make 0ur l0ves less lehh!
s0 we must n0t quarrel le 0kayy?
i really love y0u al0t laa.
"i was dulan lo just n0w.
say i gei ga0!
y0u want like that then i can really gei ga0 th
0ver lia0 still want remind back.
keep want find things quarrel like that.
s0 bu shuang lo."

11:40 PM LOVE Y


warh, we br0keup! T.T
but patch le. ;DDD
deardear, pr0mised lia0 h0r.
n0 m0re quarrel in maple aah.
i really cant stand it th h0r.
deardear S0RRY laa.
i never say y0u untill like xia0bailian l0.
y0u ANGRY* i m0re ANGRY laa
nxt time still g0t quarreling in maple,
i can swear we will brk f0r sure.
thru i cant bear to put d0wn this relati0nship,
but if still c0ntiune,
we tgt als0 w0nt f0und 0ur happiess.
i d0nt want t0 see any quarrel in maple lia0 h0r.
s0metime i really d0 hate maple l0.
we everytime quarrel c0s 0f maple
& its just a game nia. WTH..
dear WOAINI laa!
never have brkup again lia0 h0r.
there shall n0t have any quarrel lia0 laa!
stay happy tgt can?
really cant lose y0u laa.
ahPHEWWW w0aini^^

9:43 AM LOVE Y


stupid th no0b gerald wake me up s0 early!
LOLs, ask me meet him at bed0k inter
ahhas, then i lie t0 him i am preparing.
LOLs, end up jiu d0nt need meet le
yeahs! deardear w0 mei y0u meet b0yb0y h0r!
bu ya0 jeal0us nehs! w0ziaini laa
was editing bl0g lo
wth lo, cant change bl0gskin!
never mind nor
beeting was helping me find bl0gskin
find da0 s0 hard end up als0 never change.
anyway thank y0u!
mapling pei my di train.
we went m0ng train then bain
alm0st quarrel with my dear. . .
c0s 0f that fucking greentea!@@
h0ng my bfriend! i jeal0us laa
stupid dear mai h0ng with greentea laa
slap y0u lo
stay TIONGXIM to me T.T ily^^
s0rry f0r all my rubbish laa
seri0usly i am jeal0us maa

10:31 AM LOVE Y


i never g0 sch w0r.
yeahs, h0liday!
i mean self-h0liday^^
ahhas, s0 gratz.
think i nxt week then g0 back sch bahs.
b0 bian i s0 h0peless lia0.
LOLs! N lvl i think cant get th p0int i want lia0 le.
s0 sad! T.T wh0 ask me d0nt want study hard,
d0nt want g0 sch 0ffen.
sian, but h0pe at least i can g0 ite n0rhs.
s0 damn b0red n0w! T.T
stupid maple patch s0 l0ng!
n0 game f0r me t0 play n0w.
bleahs, n0w 0n ph0ne with my deardear!
ahhas, he no0b! g0 dl pte server th maple!
bleahs, no0b deardear! lalalas^^
imy lahs! g0t miss w0 mahs?
mai diam diam h0ng lahs!
i n0t tranparent th h0r!
stupid deardear give all y0ur maple th BL kn0w y0ur f0ne number!
h0ng, h0ng m0re! slap y0u lahs!
bleahs! deardeardear, c0mment me h0rhs!
maucks, TY!^^ w0aini*

4:05 AM LOVE Y


finally i am h0me n0w le!
been with my bf since friday till n0w!
i miss my bf!
i miss th way he hug me!^^
meeting him so0n so0n again***
bleahs, having self-h0liday~
wo0wh00~ will gg back sch nxt week 0r firday bahs.
sch s0 sian n0rhs.
maybe stay at h0me ch0ing maple bahs.
n0w lvl 92 nia.
lazy train lia0 man.
but i need t0 lvl 100 s00nso0n!
then faster f0urth j0b^^
i want faster find a j0b t0 w0rk!
i n0w in-needed 0f m0ney!
po0r lia0 le lahs w0.
any0ne have any j0b intr0 mahs?

11:28 PM LOVE Y


s0 b0ring, wo0t~
now was a my bf h0use!
ahhas, just n0w went t0 crc mapling!
yeahs! lvl 91 le^^
ahhas, fast bahs?
n0w n0thing to d0 w0r.
gg maple so0n le.
waiting f0r dear t0 c0me back h0me.
d0nt knw whre he went t0.
ta bu ya0 w0 le. T.T
LOLs, deardeardear w0aini^^
that all le bahs..
i g0 mape lia0^^
miss all my dearest gans!

2:03 AM LOVE Y


just came back h0me,
was spending my day with my bf!
was w0keup 0710 in th m0rning!
t0 wake my dear up g0 sch!
i was at his h0use...
s0 pig l0hs him!
wait untill 0750 cai wakeup!
8am start sch nehs!
after dear went to sch wo jiu play c0m.
maple~ ahhas, was d0ing zakum quest with my di.
deardear, we must alway stay sweet sweet th!
n0 quarreling life is s0 sweet & l0vly~
w0aini* be mine alway.

11:35 PM LOVE Y

13th m0nths together le.
is a sad anniversary ever.
hais, we been quarreling!
in a game! maple~
alm0st really have a brk up!!!
dear, promised dont we quarrel again le 0k!?
i really love you as much as i can gone crazy.
you are th first guy that i can really crazy 0n.
really cant imagine me with0ut y0u.
SORRY! i know i am th one in wrong.
all my fualt 0k?
s0rry for my attitude,
i am really a unreas0nable girl.
i j0ke at you can but you cant j0ke at me.
i know i am selfish.
but this my attitude mahs.
i b0rn to be like this.
i cant change cos is a habit lia0.
SORRY for that!
dear, i really love you th.
not cos of our relati0nship last till this long,
then suddenly have a brk up wo hui se bu th!
i h0pe i am th first girl to sit on your bike to0!
0ne year or two year puls more!
hope we can last till that long!
dear, i want we b0th to be sweet.
i want 0ur relati0nship to be str0ng.
i want there is n0 quarrel in between us.
i want we everyday stay happy.
i want you to pr0mise me, dont ever make me cry again!
i want every0ne t0 jeal0us 0f us.
i want y0ur loves.
i want.. i want you!
i am in need of you, i am fully in loveds of you!
wo meng shi you yuan feng th,
ming zh0ng zhu ding wo ai ni,
wo jiu ya0 y0ng wo th ai qu zhen xi ni,
bu guan lu you duo chang,
wo dou yuan yi pei ni zhou xia qu.


8:55 AM LOVE Y


t0day i never g0 sch w0r!
never g0 take my exam!
math paper and EOA paper!
get zer0 f0r sure lia0.
b0 MC als0. ahahahahs!
deardear say n0t N' level n0 MC never mind.
then jiu d0nt care l0hs. bleahs!
t0day i co0k fried rice f0r my mama eat nehs!
ahhahas! 0ks lahs, i co0k th n0t bad!
just now maple-ing with my deardear!
train for awhile maple jiu Server Check!
say untill 6:30pm th but end up untill 10pm!
ROARRRRs~ sian l0hs!
tmr sch g0t paper again!
last paper lia0 le lahs!
ahhahahas! happyhappy*
i hate exam lahs!
pink and green heart070508! deardear, its 0ur 13m0nths anniversay nehs!
maucks* w0aini lahs!
0k0k, we will try last till 36m0nths th 0ks!?
iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou*
stay with me alway*

8:33 PM LOVE Y


so tired!
mid-yr exan so stress!
buz-ing untill forgot about update my blog!
last Fri i finally dont need to r0t at hm!
ahhas, went out slack~ LOLs!
Sat went to CINE watch movie!
3 c0uples! ahhas!
watch th dont knw what title! @@
got th chenLONG th!
i got STM! T.T
cant remember! zZz
th sh0w was really nice.
ahhas. quite funny th.
stupid deardear go watch movie with his frens!
th movie that i want watch th als0 bu ya0 pei w0 watch!
let me think back that time new year,
i was wanting to watch CJ7 but he went watch with other!
say ha0 want pei me, end up i never watch da0!
s0 sad l0hs! i want CJ7! T.T
suan le lahs! nxt time got what m0vie i want watch th,
i g0 watch with 0ther ppls ha0 le! hur'
arb0 i keep miss th m0vie i want watch th sia!
JIOing ppls out pei me watch MOVIE!
anyone free tagg w0! (((;

11:04 PM LOVE Y


today exam!
th paper 0k0k lahs.
ahhas, n0t really hard.
nthns much for today le.

1:30 AM LOVE Y

Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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