cabbed home from dear's house this morning, to meet pinyen to dover ITE HQ for our parttime trainneeship courses. meet her 1pm at bedok interchange but she LATE. lols. never mind, its alright. so we trained to bona visa & bus-ed to th ITE HQ. we went to took our brkfast/lunch at th ITE HQ canteen? th fish & chips was nice & cheap man. hahas. i choosen hairstyling dey? lols. i wish to choose office but i fail-ed my english. ); its okay lo, pinyen same company as me. hahas. i hav called th company, monday monrning i will be gg for th interview? hoho. goodluck to me then. today is pinyen's boy mummy brithday & she dont knw wht to buy for her. so i accompanied her to jurong point as i wanna buy my mummy birthday present too. tmr will be my mummy BIRTHDAY! we went to make a simply cake C; wahaha. although its small but its my hardwork =x hehes will help my mummy to courtdown later at midnight!

10:26 PM LOVE Y


today accompanied my mummy to changi hospital for her left ankle chk up. although she can walked but still her ankle not fully recover or maybe there is not a chance to recover? doctor say she may hav to operation again, but th best is dont. cos th pain will still be there even if operation. reason: her left ankle bone broke before so its started to become weaker i think? but anyway she can walked & enough. MUMMY I LOVE YOU! sorry for being so rude to you offen yet you didnt blame or scrold me but you dote, pumper, care & love me so much! i'm so lucky to be your draughter. thanks for th new phone! G705*

3:53 AM LOVE Y


meet xiaoying xingan 3pm at tampine mall, sorry i'm late yeahs! woot, she bought a dress. its nice but ex. lols. bus-ed to her aunty hair salon to rebond hair! i'm waited this day v long alr. hahas. took v long, i'm look wired now. zZz. was hungry so xingan accompanied me to ate my lunch/dinner. thanks. && i receive a gif frm xingan. its bubblegum! although its not a big gif but its still a gif frm her. hahas. xingan you're loveds always! time to home so i accompany her to wait for her bus then i bus-ed to suifeng house! went to visit suifeng's baby! hahas. he looked just so fucking cute you knw? 0mg, i love him. && i will nvr forget my dearest boy too, iloveyou more can?

2:58 AM LOVE Y


yesterday was suppose to meet xiuyan at TPY at 2.30pm. but she overslept, okay nvr mind then i waited her to wakeup & ring me. 5pm plus she asked still wanna to go out then i anything. so she need to prepare & go home take money & meet me. but she once again areoplane me! wtf? i prepared all & yet she... girl, if you dont wanna to go out just tell me dont areoplane me can? i'm just look like a fool you knw? & its alr 7pm man. lucky twinneh is free to meet up C; KELLY TWINNEH YOU ROCK! then went to AMK hub at 9pm to watch BOLT!the trains was delay due to the tracks man. such a nice movie, worth watching! after that went to ate our dinner/supper at one of the coffee shop at AMK then head to yishun. went to lan, played audition! th beatup 4k is fun, but i'm still too noob man. hahas. cabbed back with my dearest twinneh! 0ps, nvr took photo with twinneh! T>T anyway twinneh is so LOVEDS.

4:56 PM LOVE Y


HELLO readers, yesterday was an unlucky days man. yesterday 7pm went to pasir ris park for adeline birthday BBQ. were rented a car for yesterday. reached pasir ris park as we hav to carry lots of food & item to th BBG place, before we left the car so we left our valuable item in th car incase we lose or something. so we place it under th seat place as will be safer? after finishing of everything & set-ed fire as ade need to bring her mum come so dick&ade went to fetch her. left my boyfriend & i at thre with ade family members? lols. i was quite bored & tiring. about 10plus accompany dear went to th car to take his cigg as i'm remaking up C; went back to th BBQ eat&eat. about 1am plus i was really tired so dear's went to took th car key something from dick as we gg to rest in th car yeahs. not long later ade&her friend came to put her present. about 15mis later ade called to ask dear go help up for clear up. & i was all along in th car man. i was so scare man you knw? ade chk-ed her bag & she realise her angbao is missing? wtf. we tot that she may be placed at th present or droped? so we searched th whole car. WTF? her cash in th wallet are missing too? then i see my wallet too. CB! my cash is missing too? 0mg. ade lose $600 plus while i'm lose my $120 plus? fuck sia you knw? th car was LOCK & someone can went in & took it? i hope th ppl who took it will pay double for it! can anyone tell me that why th theif just took th cash but not whole wallet? & thre is a phone in th car too but nvr take? th most funny things is ade lose her KEY too! cos of her keychain is a big diamon? maybe th theif tot that its real? immedietly we call POLICE for report. police came & wrote our staement. taken photo too & left. can tell that, thre is no hope for us to catch th theif! i left $1.10 with me now. idiot laa! this is th first time in my life being car ROB! FUCKUP can?


1:04 AM LOVE Y


Hellos all readers, yesterday went to meet dear, was think of buying cake along to dear's house as he were slping? unluck he hav woke up early than me. so nvr buy cake. msg ade to ask whether she can help me buy cake anot. hahas. so she planned for me to lie dear that i'm gg PrazaSing find her as accompany her to buy dickson present but actually was to buy th cake for dear. wanna giv him surprise yeahs! before 12midnight planned ask dear accompany me to seveneleven to buy drinks as ade & dear's family at home to prepare th cake for birthday song! hahas. hope he hav a great birthday! after th countdown we guys went to suite pub at chinatown thre. DRINK TIME~ lols? after drink then home sweet home. for today, we went to orchad shopping & finding ade birthday present. tmr will be celebrating her 21th birthday! lols. we hav nthn to buy cos she hav everything she need! zZz. so we shop ours, hahas. i've bought a couple tees for myself & dear. weetweet' went to lan shop dota awhile then to orchad partyworld sing.


3:37 AM LOVE Y


hey readers, today i'm went to TM shopped alone. bought a present for dear & buy myself makeup thingys. i'm so lonely eh? LOLS. shopped about a few an hours? hahas. hard to choose th present man. but hope he will love it? i went to buy alone its my hard work! proof that i'm so loving him! hahas. && before bus-ed home bought some food for mum & durian for myself! tmr will be gg to meet my dearest boy alr. wondering how am i gonna to help him celebrate his birthday man? anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KIKI C;

10:32 PM LOVE Y

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