MC from work again, fuck sia. so sick man. when then will recover? morning raymond ride me to hougang to extend my MC. after that went to meet friend up. saw xdd at zinc working today & i still own him a birthday present. so i bought him a cigg case & a small card. hahas. shop till very long then think of buying him that. hope he will like it then. hahas. xdd must use xmm buy you th present okay? hahahas. & anyway happy super belated birthday to you. ;DDD

1:04 AM LOVE Y


ytd morning accompany baby go work. & was to meet shirley sweethoney but she sick. so went to meet kelly twinneh. twinneh, thank for being there for me whenever i need a listening ear. if you're upset or something you can alway turn to me (;
today nvr went to work, as i am fucking sick & having a fright with baby frm ytd till now. baby, you told me your ex hong & zhao sai you again & again so you broke up with her. & now you still can tell me you miss her? you really can forgive her? 9th months of relationship with her you cant let go then wht about me? me & my ex 23th months of relationship i can let go then why you cant? why in th 1st place you told me you feeling fade for her, you hate her & so on. th reason i be with you, cos i trust every words frm you. baby you make me fall for you so deeply & yet now you hurt me more deeply. do you knw, cos of you i really less contact with lot of guys. cos of you i willing to change. cos of you i hav to frm bedok run all th way to jurong. cos of you i willing to do whtever that can make you smile. but now i can see there's no reason for me to done so much for you. i'm siewting, not your ex pam. i'll let you go from now on. take your time to think either siewting or pam. no matter wht your choice is i hope you'll happy. i'll give you my blessing. takecare baby.

5:16 PM LOVE Y


time pass so super slow man, so moodless of working ahhhh. today baby nvr come down parkway with my dinner. sad. now i'm gg prepare then trained down to jurong meet baby le. baby i'm so fucking in love with you.

9:35 PM LOVE Y


yoh readers xD morning 10.30am meet baby at PCbunk for dota! th most impt thing is to be beside him. althought spending 2hour time with him at dota but i'm still happy & treasure th 2hours time with him. baby, sorry cant hav breakfast with you cos 'm in a rush to work! ended up i'm really late to work again. FUCK! lucky my mannager nvr kp me. but kena kp by a customer. very angry today man. i help her airdry her hair then she say i blow till her ear very hot okay i say sorry, then before rebond hair i clip her hair up she say pain, nvr mind i say sorry again. help her iron hair, she say hot. fuck laa, buaytahan her liao lo! then i go strianght to thomas tell him, i dont want to do her hair ask other to help instead. fucking bitch sia. guys do for her then nvr kp i do kp this & that. like as if i huan tio her like that. lucky got baby accompany me msg & cheer me up. if not i sure shout at that bitch! angry angry angry* tmr baby off, sian we off at different days. sigh. but sweet lil baby tmr maybe cook dinner coming down Parkway for me. so happy man. hope he can make it if really cant then its alright. still got nxt time. baby, i'm so in love with you!

11:20 PM LOVE Y

accept darrius as my boyfriend! ytd went to lakeside meet baby! he intro me to his gina & bros. lols. morning 6am plus then slp! & we're damn late to work. baby i'm sorry, let you late to work. =x hmm, jaron came visit me with one friend dont knw who? lols. ask me got cigg not, do i look like smoker? =,= then bobian i steal frm my stylish =x hahas. tmr morning meeting baby at plazasing to hav breakfast & dota? cant wait to meet him up man. baby i'm missing you damn much! okay readers, should end here. night.

1:53 AM LOVE Y


today after work went down to plaza sing to meet darrius as we say hao wanna go hav dinner tgt & then dota! thank for your treat. darrius sia kwan ee, thank for being there for me when i'm down. your words & your action really touched my heart. i'm really nvr gonna thought of gg into a relationship untill i hav enjoy my life enough. frm th first day i met you at funan, i found you look so cute & wish to get to knw you. its sound a kind of flirt. but i nvr thought of you wanna to knw me too. hahas. boy, can i really trust you? are you really th right one for me? i admit i hav fall for you. i do love you. you told me how much you love me & you swear to god. you doesnt need to swear all that. i dont need that , wht i need is your love toward me is real or fake. but i can see, you're so nice & good to me. & i can feel how much you loveee me. yes, i wanna to be with you but i dont knw how to say yes to you. maybe my heart told me its not th right time yet or something? give me a day time alright? baby iloveyou.

12:21 AM LOVE Y


today last day of theory at funan, its a finally. but 4th of may gg back to funan for Module 1 lesson. Grrr. tiring man. so far frm my house. get to knw a new friend name darrius at funan. naughty nisyah nvr ask my permision then give him my number! today style up my hair, does that hairstyle suit me? i'm gg cut hair soon. hope will be nice&style. ;DDD

1:12 AM LOVE Y


hav not been blogging for few days alr. nvr went to work today. i'm SICK, having fever, vomiting & feel so weak can? sigh. afternoon 3pm plus then wakeup. was overnight at SinMingRd with dearest. hahas. prepared fast fast then rush to th nearest ployclinic at amk! was alone man. feel so lonely & moodswim sia. so quarrelled with my ex, dont knw why. just feel like making him hate me. he really hate me lot now, called me as cheapo. wtf, i'm angry of cos but its okay, i wont mind cos i knw i'm not that laa. as long as he hate me & he sure will forget me. so he will go find a better girl to treasure with. after seeing doctor rush to funan for my hairstyling theory, frm 6-9pm man. breaktime went to eat mac alone. sigh. after theory only 8pm plus sia still so early dont feel like gg home man, so asking friend to meet up slack but none! lucky keith is good enough to accompany me. hahas. so i trained to amk to wait for him while he at geylang collecting his payslip all that? lol. zilian with him alot but some to show cos lazy to upload. hahahas. && he gave me his baby th photo! 0mfg, so cute sia. slacked till 3am & home sweet home. night guys!

4:25 AM LOVE Y


okay, ytd went clubbing with kelly, melvin & friend? bought ticket frm jo.ey! we're your regular customer man! nxt time guest price for us. C; hahas. & thank to berlicial for her ic. if not kelly cant get in! tsktsk. drink abit & then get high! lol. after club cab to jason house with kelly. after bath, i am damn hungry. ask derrick got food eat anot then he busy playing with PS2, ask me go ask jaron. nvr mind, got kelly cook maggie with me. hahas. poor lil twinneh hav to cook maggie for jaron&derrick. hahahas. walao, poor lil me kena bully by jaron! ask me help him wash his bowl, clean th dust bin & help him massage back! its 7am plus alr, so SLEEPTIME. slp till 12pm plus, wakeup alr then chit chat with kelly my dearest twinneh. alot of sercet we share tgt. then realise alot of problem we hav. cab to kelly house for bath & breakfast. thanks. ohya, i hav a meeting with xdd at 3pm. so sorry i am lated for 30mins. =x hahas. meet xdd at amk mrt then trained to bugis. wow, rain so big man. sorry my ideal of gg thre. but is because of my working partner. went to bugis street just wanna help her buy bag. but end up i nvr buy, cos cant find a better one? then went to th new shopping mall just right beside bugis street thre. hav our lunch @ dont knw wht fish market! btw thanks xdd for your treat. trained to plaza sing th cathay to buy th unborn ticket but we are too lucky sia. th ticket hav alr sold out. then nvr mind i chk see wherther whre still hav th show. cab down to leisure park for th movie instead. thanks xdd for accompany me watch movie again. its nice gg out with you boy, C; meet up soon again alright? takecareeee

2:34 AM LOVE Y


my blog are super dead man. sorry readers. hmm i hav lots of thing to post. but lazy type. so lets th photo talk more than i type. hahas. C; nisyah, she's my working parther! she is just so pretty man & got a action face. lol. this few days was having lots of fun outside. hahas. shell end here & update nxt time when i'm free. tmr thres got a party at rupee room! weetweet, i'm gg thre with my lovly twinneh kelly! will be buying ticket with lovly jo.ey. C; anyone gg pls tell me then we shell meet thre. haha. night guys.

2:44 AM LOVE Y


hellos all. today i was late to work. sigh. i gg kena fire soon? this month i hav take 2time of MC 7th time late! shag. i'm sick today. headache sia. fri i off day, mannager gg back funan meeting. i scared. i sacre after fri i dont need to go back work le. i swear if mannager really give me another chance i wont late or MC anymore. unless its really no choice. pray for me man ); hmm, today damn busy sia, work & work & work. untill i work OT! should me left at 9pm but ended up left at 10pm plus. wtf lo. then mannager & her husband drive me&thomas go bedok 85 eat! weetweet. free meal. hahas. thanks lots. >.<

1:23 AM LOVE Y

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