May all of you have a great Christmas ever.

1:52 PM LOVE Y


Happy Birthday To My Beloved Mummy!♥

12:29 AM LOVE Y


Friends around me asking why am I married sudden? Th reason make you guy feel sudden is cos that I Nvr inform & invite you guy am I right to say that? I'm hereby to repeat again, is not sudden. My husband is th first guy I asked to be my bf at first. At that time he had not agree to be with me as our age gap cos his age is ready for married & yet I'm just start to step out of th world to enjoy. Yes, thats right! I wanna club as I nvr before. But after club for a few times I realize it's just not wht I want after all. What I want is work hard to earn load money & get rich. I told myself it's time to work hard & not play anymore. My husband & I went dating for 4months then officially tgt. After tgt we hav a topic of married start. At first I still find that I am too young to create a family as I am still under of age 18. I know what's my husband is thinking. He is afraid that I might change my mind when age grow & as well he don't wanna to waste time anymore. Slowly I am sure that I wanna married him. I really do love him alot. & yes we hav plan on this early yr month. Th date was 20/11/2010. Not much friend know bout it, Only one or two friend of mine know. Married doesn't need being tgt long as long you think his/her is th right one will do. & I am sorry my friends for not inviting to my ROM as it's strictly for family & relative members. Reason for not putting wedding dinner as we are saving th sum of money for honeymoon. So got it my friends? I hope none else wanting me to repeat again please. & ya thanks everyone for th blessing. (L)

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Baby's mom & sis went Holiday for two an half week. So i am the housewife now... Cooking is okay for me BUT washing bowl is tiring. not just that, i have to wash clothes as well. but still i've got 3 off day. ;D Christmas Day is around the corner so i hereby to wish everyone A Happy Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. CHEEER~

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Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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