aww, was suppose to go out today. but... friends not free & i was tired & lazy too. so rotted at home whloe day. hardly to get contact with dear, cos of his phone line being cut off. so just wait for him to contact me when he real MISS ME. tmr i'm gonna go out no matter wht. i'm gonna buy dear a birthday present!!! hmm, dont know tmr meeting dear anot? he is working tmr. but i'm missing him. T>T tmr then see how. bye readers~

7:15 PM LOVE Y


hellos readers. today i'm wakeup at 11am plus plus. prepared then cabbed home from dear's house. went home to take money for meeting menghwee girlfriend up to buy a present for my boy. hahas. was suppose to meet girlF 1pm at prazasing mrt redline thre but i am late. sorry. then train-ed to orchad. shop shop & shop. was hungry yeah, so went to luckpraza foodcourt to hav our breakfast/lunch. 3pm met xiaoying xingan & tingrui at fareast. woot. so long nvr meet them alr. hahas. so we took alot of photos ya. weetweet' shop shop & shop again. nvr got to buy th present. so tmr i will be gg out again.


11:10 PM LOVE Y


AWW, I'M SICK-ED since monday! i'm just so sick man. having a bad vomiting, fever & diarrhoea. cant eat anythings. no matter i eat wht then will vomit wht. lucky have dear & dear's mummy takecare of me yeahs. went to see a doctor, doctor gav me alot of medicines. 0mg. eat th medi feel more like vomiting. feeling quite better now alr. hope its fully recoever. no more sick for me thanks. C; now at least i can eat somethings with no worry. healthy is th most impt. i dont ever want to fall sick again. never ever again please! i wish my family members & my dear's family member will be healthy everyday yeahs!

8:33 PM LOVE Y


HELLOS all readers! today i'm wake up late, was suppose to wakeup at 11.30am but ended up 12pm plus then wakeup. was too tired & lazy to wakeup! hahahas. gg meet pinyen, junqiang & jasper 1pm at bedok inter. so went for a fast prepare then called dear chat on phone while i'm on my way to inter. while otw to bus stop suddenly got a uncle look so disgusting, followed me to th bus stop & sat beside me! WTF, somemore at thre talking alone? scolded some rubbish like CB? but lucky got dear accompany me on phone so i wont be afriad of yeahs. C; tot i'm late but nvr, i reached inter just nice 1pm. & waited for half an hours for junqiang & jasper? while pinyen, her dad dont allow her to go out today. was so upset, because was planned so long for our outing ended up she cant make it. so decieded to go bedok block 211 hav our breakfast/lunch. & try to wait for pinyen, hopefully she will come yeahs? lucky pinyen can come out cos her mum allowed her to. was planned yesterday that today outing was to go for ktv! actually was to go katong ktv sing but cos quite late alr so decide to go kampong chaichee CC for our ktv? having lots of joke & crazyness at ktv yeah! CC; after Ktv went mac to buy my dinnir & then home sweet home for me!

10:43 PM LOVE Y

HELLOS peoples, was suppose to update yesterday yeahs. but was late home & tiring thats why updating today. C; okays, yesterday meet beeting 2.30pm at bedok inter & i was at my dear's house. so wokeup at 11am & get for prepare then cabb-ed home for a change up then bus to inter meet beeting. we went to buy, a pair of heel for herself & a pair of eyelasher for myself. went to beeting house to wait for her wash up all that then went to salon striaghtening my hair for tempo while beeting preming her hair for tempo too. its cost $10 each only. cheap yeahs? after doing hair beeting & i bus to inter to accompany me do manicure ya as beeting hav alr done her manicure before th prom night day. manicure took alot of time man. whlie doing my manicure we are waiting for meifang, perlin & mayyee. was suppose to meet up at 5.30pm but yet they are LATE! we got five peoples & yeahs not much cab driver will accept but lucky got a nice driver willing to cab us. thanks uncle! C; so cabb-ed to GoodWood Park Hotel. th concert is nice & fun, we having our dance floor too. its just nothing different from cubbing you knw? hahahas. so sad, my form teacher Ms Fung is unavaible to attend as she is not feeling well man. i miss her. ;C hope she will get well soon yeahs! when clock turn 11pm so we decide to go home so that we will hav our last train & last bus home. we are just too lucky too catch up our last bus yaa! guys, we hav lot of fun yesterday. hope our friendship will last as long as it CAN C;

12:03 AM LOVE Y


hey ppls, was suppose to update yesterday but were too late home so... yesterday met twinneh, to orchad for job hunt. was suppose to meet her 2pm at TPY. but she was overslept so changed time to 3pm yeahs. i was staying at dear house's this whole week C; so its alright for me to wait for her. wahaha. & dear was so good, he knw i like to eat durian then he ask his mum to help him buy for me C; weetweet' thanks dear, iloveyou lot man. while waiting for twinneh so i ate some durian. hohoho. so yummy, i'm loving it! LOLS! all job were taken or only left those age 18 or above / FullTimers. so instead of finding a job twinneh help me to find my prom night dress. & yah, was finding my shoes, bag & blahblahblah too? && i went to have a hair cut too. 0MG, its took so long for my hair cut done? dots. hmm, not really like it man ;C i'm look so wired now. after dinner so we went for KTV at orchad partyworld. so that i will hav chance to see dear too. =x sing alot of song with twinneh! was so fun yeahs? & was just nice dear finishing work at 3am. & cabb-ed home with dear together!

3:00 AM LOVE Y


hey peeps, today actually gg out with suifeng but... dont knw why ended up nvr? & dont knw wht have happen to my hand? T>T grow alot of DOUDOU? its make me so itch, hate it man. & to my mapler friends, i had play back maplesea. twin up with FIONA.TEO my boyFRIEND real sister! our ign; xSMARTT & xSTUPLD. guess which is mine? of cos is smart C; LOLOLs. GRATZ xSMARRT ON 19 & xSTUPLD ON 22! should be me higher level than her cos of my ign. but ended up she's higher level than me. WTF' hahas, tmr can meet my dear alr, miss him lots yeahs. okay that all. maple time.

8:23 PM LOVE Y


hey all, sorry about not updating for a long period as i am really lazy & busy. C; nowaday i was staying over at dear house. hmmm, went to AMK hub with dear on tuesday as i wanna to eat duarin pancake! & of cos watch-ed movie 'high sch musical 3'. quite nice, but prefer high sch musical 1 is more nicer yeahs. havent even found a job yet. hahas, maybe not gg work? not in-need of cash now. so nvr mind. lols. finding time to meet up with friend to buy prom night dress tgt C; took this photo at dear house with my baobao! =x

2:52 AM LOVE Y

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