yoh reader. today i'm really sick of work man. sigh. dont knw why. okay let chat about after my work thingy. after work went to meet Keith. he so nice can? he frm amk all th way came parkway just to accompany me eat dinner. thank lots. & sorry uh let you no bus home =x but i'm still got heart right? nvr left you alone. hahas. still cabbed back accompany you till morning leh. (; slacked at eastcoastpark. woot, such a long time nvr went thre le. weet. waited for sunrise! but cant see th sun? lol. noob lo. okay laa, should end here le. byeee.

12:31 AM LOVE Y


wakeup at 8am tot today working! wth. meet seekee at cine at 2pm plus. omg she got down wrong side frm mrt. hahahas. its funny. lols. met up then went to hav our lunch at cine basement th japanese store? chit chat alot. head to Hereen then FarEast! woohoo, today i brought alot of stuff man. one top & dress frm blossomz, one top frm dont knw shop, one shoes, eyes lasher & so so on. photo to show. buy untill i'm so poor now! wtf. but at least i spend on i can see till th if not i will sure regret! qi hav to left at 6pm to meet her bf as i gg to meet xiaodidi for movie but its at 7pm plus! so i gg to be lonely for awhile. hahahas. otw to leave fareast we saw ben. he told me phew at downstair. i was like wtf? lol. after qi left i was so so lonely laa. walked all th way frm fareast to cine alone then saw bobby. went to cine th cinema chk for comingsoon ticket. wtf man. cine dont hav th show liao? so i chk my phone via wifi to see whether whre still hav th show! finally i checked praza sing hav at 9pm! so i meet xiaodidi at PS for movie then. while waiting for him to reach so i go shop. & got a freegife of eyesliner frm carfour. 0ps. i still need my foundtation! grrr. having my dinner with him then head to movie!!! xiaodidi, thank so much for accompany me watch comingsoon uh. you're th best laa okay! hehe. meet up again soon alright? sorry uh grab your photo. =x

1:14 AM LOVE Y


just came back frm work. so moodless to work alr. sigh. tmr gg meet seekee up! hohoho. so sudden sia, she jio me out? lols. looking forward to see her. such a long time nvr meet up alr? maybe tmr evening meeting lesli up to catch a movie? still not comfrim yet. hahas. today i told xiaodidi a sercet. thats my sercet to him since last 2 yr? hahas. so shy lo. lols. but at least i say it out. should end here le. night all.

10:03 PM LOVE Y


single life may be bored but i'm happy for wht i want now. boy, i do miss you sometime. your msg touched me can. to you, you say i'm a good girlfriend. but th truth i'm not a good girlfriend. i lied to you sometime. & that days i do went to zouk but you say you believe me? i feel so bad & guilty for you. i hav changed & you can see. i dont wish to hurt you more so i hav no other choice to say break. ya, you are right, feeling fade doesnt mean dont love you anymore. but to ask for break no matter wht still hav to be mean. you are a good guy that should be hav a great girlfriend. lets past be past & start a new. i believe without me you'll be more happy. although you may feel lonely but who knw soon you will find a more better girl than me. takecare alright? we are still FRIEND C;

10:20 PM LOVE Y


boy, i'm sorry & thanks for understanding me. hope you will find a better girl for yourself alright? take good care of yourself. lastly thank for spending this 23months & 12days with me all along. memories kept in my heart alway.

10:21 PM LOVE Y


hey readers, back to blogging. hmm, 08march beeting & her js came my salon visit me! hahahas. th second time they came visit me le. beeting you are my bestie friend ever. iloveeeyouu. lols. free lets go out tgt alright? its been three to four months we nvr go out tgt le man. ROFL. & lastly last long with JS. ;D hohoho, tmr will be my off day. looking forward to meet dear & weekends. hahahas. zeki is back to work on weekends. lols. he's a joker ever. & dear, now aday i may be meeting you less & you told me that i'm cold to you. i hav nthn else to say nor do. i've try my best to slove th problem but if its still th same way you think then i am sorry. i'm feel stress & tired you knw? sometime i wish i'm single right now? so that i wont hav any stress to bother so much in relationship. i need two 1/2 yrs for me to finish my ite hairstying course man. & i hav no time to go out shopping can? off day need to accompany my bf. not even a time for all my friends. still need to wait till finish work then went to meet friends. its a hard time for me. slp also not enough for me. sigh. how i wish i'm born in a rich family. so that i dont need to take ite course can go prvite! but i'm happy for wht i hav now. althought its rough but i believe i can make it!

6:38 PM LOVE Y


lols, just reach home frm partyworld! hahas. hmm, after work at 9pm then need duty. so done at 10pm plus? used a 200buck th shampoo to wash my hair man! hahas. thomas helped me to wash? while i help him too. after thats you knw wht? i waited bout 2hours for a cab frm parkway taxi stand can? damn fucking long man. make me so dulan can? cabbed to ochard partyworld to meet dear for cash birthday. but i'm damn fuck late can? lols. slack over thre? quit bored can? lmao. nthn much. random photo~

3:08 AM LOVE Y

Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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