Another blue day.. Don't wish to mention any of it. Sigh. My dear friends where have you guy been? Have you guys forgotten me? Out of sudden I miss all of my friends so much.

10:20 AM LOVE Y


Bad day? An Incident happen at about 11.30am at sembawang MRT as someone being hit by th train & die. Making th train to delay due to 1hour. & I'm having work at 12.50pm. No train for me yet all cab are fully booked at my area. Waited for nearly one hour to board my cab. & I met a scary taxi driver. Drive so fast till almost accident can. Although I am in a rush but I don't wanna use my life to rush for work. -.-" 1.31pm reached my outlet. & hell is darn busy today... Awwwww. I'm so tired can. Was so hungry for th whole day. & now I am home with baby. (; feel relaxing. Out of sudden I feel so irritated of hearing that fucking cb bitch name. Totally make my day more blue. Hate it.

11:45 PM LOVE Y


Hmm, a simply off day. Bring our luffy go jogging. It's been so long since I last exercise. Jog abit tired like hell... Have to arrange my days for jogging for every week!!! But I am lazy to do so. Hahahas. & Simple is a way of happiness too. ;D

10:22 AM LOVE Y


Imodelsholding is inviting me for interview... baby I'm sorry for quarreling this over with you.. Yes I tot of being a model as I can earn alot of money & I can be on tv, magazine or newspaper? But now definitely NO as I already got you. Actually I am quite jealous of your ex girlfriend being a model you know? She is so beautiful... I'm quite envy her... I feel that I am lack of confident of myself to you. & Definitely no from now on. I know you love me, I know you need me & I know I am impt to you. We are going to last till our last breath! && when will you going to pass me a big diamond ring??? (((;

11:43 PM LOVE Y


some RANDOM photo. (;

11:46 PM LOVE Y


There is a sentence keep appearing in my mind, Chey原来你的女朋友也没有用!! Making me so piss off whenever it's remind me. You're making me feel that you are a fucking bitch. No wonder somehow you look sult. Hahahas. Th first time I saw you I already dislike you. Cos somehow you dressed like some bitchs standing at geylang.

4:02 PM LOVE Y


Off day. Woke up at 8am plus To prepare & cabbed down to SGH with baby. After doctor was decieded to go ChinaTown, searching for crazy col. Ended up we got nothing as we don't even know th shop located at where. Lol. Had our breakfast at ChinaTown Point. SUBWAY! Omg, I'm having subway for almost a whole week already. I think I'm Addicted to SubWay. & this is our first time having subway together. I'm so Happy to get th first time thingy with him. (; After ChinaTown then we trained down to Bugis. Being together for eight months plus yet this is th very first time baby willing to shop with me at Bugis Village. Weet. I shop for two belts, pant & a safety pantie. Hahas. After everything & we bused home sweet home.

12:04 AM LOVE Y


Happy Eight Months Anniversary With Baby & A very Happy Mother's Day To Every Mom.

12:01 AM LOVE Y

Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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