baby, i really can see & feel how much you love me. but i dont like to being control. i knw you're worried bout me cos of i'm blur type. you scare i kena cheat. but i really dont like th feeling of being control its just like whatever i do i hav to ask you first. i hate it. i'm really enough of it. th decision of brokeup maybe th better way i think. since you already say later you book out either i go fetch you or take it as we nvr knew each other before. i choose i cant make it. you make me angry & you make me shed my tears so i promised kelly to meet her first. & thats wht you say dont contact you anymore. i wont contact you anymore. takecareee. i'm really treasure th time we're together. although its not long but i feel its sweet when i'm was with you. lastly but not least NIC iloveyou. 20may09 - 29may09 our love its ended today.

1:56 PM LOVE Y


morning baby trying to act cute again. 6am wake me up! ROARR. after smoke went back slp as i 8am hav to wake up prepare for work. wth, 7am being wake again. tiredtired. twinneh wakeup too. haha, chit chat & played awhile then i went to prepare. baby accompany me trained to TPY then bus 31-ed to PP for work. reached PP nisyah ring me then we went for our breakfast as i was darn hungry ); so happyhappy. hahas. told nisyah that secret (nic is my boyfriend). lovelove. smok-ed then rush for work. thanks BABY for sending me to work. hahahas. not once its alr third time? should be right? zeki helpped me&nisyah took photo but its just too blur. so i upload one. working time was so quite bored after nisyah & thomas left ); nobody can entertain me without them.

1:45 AM LOVE Y


ytd went to tpy kimage meet leon as he say wed he went dating with nisyah he will come parkway to visit me (; was to meet baby 5.3opm at CCK but sorry last mins cant make it on time so planned to meet 6pm at cityhall mrt last cabin. omg, i nvr make it again. baby is angry of me ); i'm sorry. so i trained to tampines then bus-ed to his house for my apologies. thanks for forgiveness. so we bus-ed to woodland then train to sembawang to overnight at kelly twinneh house. hmm, got kelly friends ard also. baby is so th fucking cute =,= morning 6am wake me up go smoke! i tot its already 8am so he wake me up go prepare for work but its not. lol. & i was just so fuck tired, having headache. so MC for work again. accompany twinneh to aracde awhile as baby & me hav to go home change up then bus-ed to woodland & then train-ed to sembawang again. byeeREADERS!

7:25 PM LOVE Y


late to work, today will be my last day at funan alr. tmr i'm gonna MC to meet baby. i'm promised not to drop any single tears for darrius but i broke my promise. he make me cried for him. this is th last time i'm gonna tell you. i wont be back to you anymore alright? darrius sia, no matter wht you going to do i also wont be back to you. cos i dont wanna to be stupid again you knw? now th only one i love is NIC! yes, you use cigg to burn your hand, you use weapon to cut S on your hand & you hold my hand to slap yourself twice. you only will make me pity of you. thats not love, is pity you knw? th slap of my own for you is to tell you how much you hurt me is still not enough of a slap. but i really feeling much better after giving you that big slap! at least i feel that th slap for you is worth it to let me relax down of hateness toward you. let make things clear, we wont ever hav any chance to go back like last time. so either friend or stranger.

12:47 AM LOVE Y


omg, my blog is rotten. sorry. busying working till no time to update. i hate darrius sia. i really do hate him. boy is you left me in th first place & yet you wanna me back now? its imposible. i wont be back to you anymore. you dont even knw how much you hurt me. no matter how much you going to do for me i wont be touch anymore. is you th one who dont appreciate th relationship not me. you left me twice not once you knw? i dont wanna to listen to your rubbish reason anymore. sweet talk are not my need. i wont want to be stupid anymore. we are totally over. okay lets talk bout today. off day, wokeup at 1pm plus, mom bought me duck rice for lunch. thanks. msning, chit chated with leon about relationship thingy. haha. leon, cheerup man. when its th time, you will slowly forget her. & find your ture love (; hmm, went to CCK find my super close friend nic as he is my boyfriend frm today onward, meet baby at 6pm as he can book out frm his camp till 10.30pm. hahas. was tot of catching a movie but th cinema thre dont hav much show. so we went to hav our dinner at a janpanes store? forget whts th store name. lols. after that accompany him for a hair cut. hahas. i help baby think of wht hairstyle. look so nice okay? time file fast, like only spent awhile of time with him. lol. was really do enjoy. leave at 1opm. trained home alone. nisyah called me chit chated. she's not in a good mood. relationship problem with her bf. darling, dont cry or sad alright? anything can call me chat bout it. as i told you, i'll alway be here for you. cheer up alright? iloveyou. (;
i'm nic girlfriend.
baby i love youuu.

12:32 AM LOVE Y


brokeup with bf, nvr gona patch back anymore. goodbye darrius! thur went to jaron house with nic to stay overnight! saded kelly cant ton tgt. wtf! i'm moodless somemore, lucky got nic & jaron cheering me up. & thank jaron for cooking me maggi mee! (; fri, went to town. so fucking angry man. waited for jaron & nic untill so fuck long. hav our dinner tgt then went to buy perfume for mother's day present! hahas, after that went to HOUSE OF COMDOMS! so cute. lolols. today, nvr went to work as i'm really sick! having fever. while nic is not having a good mood so he came to meet me accompany me go see doctor. sadded, today is public holiday bedok th polyclinic nvr open? so nvr got th chance to take MC. went to hav our breakfast/lunch at KFC. trained to tampines for movie! (star trek) quite nice th. hahas. accompany mushroom nic go tampines1 Uni Glo buy clothes! while i bought my spec. cute right? hahas. helped him to choose th green color clothes! then meet kelly at tampine mrt. went to hav our dinner at foodcourt. & slacked awhile at mushroom nic house downstair. zilian with him. hahas. && kelly helped him to makeup? 0mg. & home sweet home.

2:33 AM LOVE Y


blogging time! this few days was toning outside with my gankor. ride bike man. so happyhappy. && my hair col is super green now! hahahas. iloveit lot man. weet. yesterday, sweet lil twinneh came parkway to find me with nic to hav my dinner. so nice of them. thankyou uh. (; after that i went home wash up then trained to pioneer meet baby! super damn far man, but no choice he is my boyfriend! ilovehim man. today nvr went to sch man. was to go funan kimage hairdressing sch th but ended up me & baby taking MC. lol. too tired le laaa. haha. helped baby makeup. he look so pretty cute like girl man. hahas. & quarrelled with him. sigh. i see his phone th msg. see liao sian half sia. he & his ex not std but ganbaby? fuck! brk le still bi here & thre. missyou loveyou everywhre. walao fucking angry & sad man. wht am i to him? i'm your dram girl? sure anot? then wht th fucking hell are you trying to do? baby can you just fucking leave me alone right now? i'm being so irriated by you. are you sure you love me anot? dont use my love to hurt me please.

2:22 AM LOVE Y


patch back with baby on 29april. baby, i hope that this is th choice from your heart. once you choosen me, you cannot regret of it. DARRIUS SIA, you promise me you hav to prove it to me! dont break your promise alright? baby, iloveyou!

5:54 AM LOVE Y

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