Yoh, readers! today is an funny/bad days? moring take cab to work as i'm gg late. but ended i'm REALLY late. knw wht? th cab driver damn fucking idiot can? go out wrong side of KPE. nvr mind, then he say U turn back KPE will be faster. okay, you knw wht again? go out wrong side again! its like WTF... anyway its alright lo. cos i nvr pay for th cab fare anyway! hahahas. waste my time still expect me to pay meh? Lmao. hmm, new member joined my salon today. its a very pretty lady. OMG man, she snatched my place ); but is an malay girl. hahas. i'm still in th same place. lols. today working is quite fun can? hahas. zeki my senior taught th new assistant to do whtever hav to. & wed is his last day at KIMAGE le cos he hav to go back funan for learning hair cut? he's such a big joker can? byeee ZEKI. goodluck to you, hope you can be a hairstylish! & lastly we guy will miss you one. TAKECARE lot uh! C; lols. hmm, will left me alone to teach th new assistant. but i think she is much more better than me can? maybe will be she th one teaching me? LOLOLs.

10:47 PM LOVE Y


off day! hahas, went to funan thre th kimage hairdressing sch with dear to collect my pay. so happy can? although not much but my 1st salary! wow, now alot of new members signing for hairstyling & all are SHUAIGE sia! hahahas. hmm, after that we went to cine to hav our lunch at KFC then movie! "let th right one in" starting of th show is quite no link... lols. look bored. but contiune its quite okay lo. hahas. not scary at all? dear so BAD! fall slp in th cinema. GRRR! say is accompany me to watch but ended up.... just no different with i watching alone! WTH man. after movie went to HMV toliet =,= its like so lame can? hahas. then trained HOME! boring, tmr gonna to work );

12:11 AM LOVE Y


HELLO to all readers, HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY!
today nvr got th time to celebrate valentine. working. ); sad hor? but nvr mind. yesterday i hav celebrated with my dear alr. hahas. he bought me rose & treated me eat swensen! yummy, i miss th ice cream! LOL. wahaha, konw wht? this is th first time in my life being received ROSE! so happy can? i also not bad bought him a T-shirt, perfume & a DIY heart cake. hahas. buying those things still to wakeup so early & lie to him that my mummy ask me to brought her to see doctor! lols? so that i hav my time to go do th DIY cake with adeline!!! hahas. went to jurong point to make th DIY cake you knw? so far right! this show that i got heart & i LOVEEEE HIM SOOOO MUCHHHH! some random photo to show. weet'

11:38 PM LOVE Y


hellos all readers! i'm back to blog? lols. wanna to update offen but were just too busy WORKING! anyway which do i look good at!! short or long hair man? lols. okay let talk bout today. hmm, just came back frm cine. went to catch a movie with dear, ade & dick. bride war' quite meaningful? lols. after movie we went for gaming. dontknw wht game name but its almost th same as CS? kill alot zoombie!! so scarly & fun! hahas! thats all then. shell be updating soon. tmr gg work! Grrrr. so tired ); goodnight all CCC;

3:09 AM LOVE Y

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