22Aug08. went out with rebekah, we meet 1.30pm at sengkeng mrt sati0n. h0h0hs, 2.30pm meet da0 jiejie. L0ls, sh0rtie! wakaka. we walk, sh0p & eat. al0t 0f thing t0 type but i'm lazy laa. i want t0 see jiejie eh d0g th 'c0ffee' but everytime like n0 chance t0 see, Rofl. nvr mind n0r still g0t nxt time th. && i feel like having a hair cut s0 went f0r a hair cut. 0mg l0, fk hair s0 ugly! T.T regret cuting my hair. after that jiejie th fren g0t taiji then all g0 le. g0 help their friend, l0ls. left me & rebekah, we are s0 l0nely. we went t0 serangon 'english fail paiseh' g0 meet rebekah th friend awhile jiu went back t0 sengkeng again. 0mg man, her friend want t0 take num frm me, weetweet' butbut i nvr give laa, c0s i g0t my b0yfriend le maa. knw to0 many guy bu ha0. l0ls, pls i am n0t jia0 0u. lma0, ab0ut 8pm plus rebekah hav t0 g0 s0 i g0 hm to0. in th bus 0tw h0me. xiuyan called ji0 t0n. then 0kaay l0 since i s0 l0ng nvr t0n with friend lia0 le. then i g0 ask my dearest b0y can t0n maa? i ask suifeng t0n with me to0 s0 dear agree me t0n. thenthen, i went h0me t0 hav a prepare & start t0 g0 0ut meet suifeng. 0mg, bad new lai lia0. xiuyan friend n0t gg t0n, l0l. s0 she ask t0 meet at tpy. then nvr mind l0. me & sufeng went t0 amk t0n. weetweet' is quit fun th man. h0h0h, i miss th day (;

11:45 PM LOVE Y


21Aug2008. wakeup at 6pm plus, actually meeting beeting th but she cant s0 slp untill s0 late. wakeup first thing jiu shi see my ph0ne! 0h0h, i saw beeting msg, l0ls. & suifeng th msg, weet' she ask me out leh, wakaka. since i nvr g0 anyway s0 meet her up baa, h0h0h0hs! s0 paiseh lo, let her wait f0r me ab0ut 30mins plus. today whole day my phone so sot lo, hate it laa! keep low batt sia, i charge since m0rning till no0n man. how could it be no batt? ROFL! then all th way b0 msg, i miss dear laa! sh0pping, then went to eat. LongJongSliver again, LoLs. i miss th day laa. finding ppls go out with me~ anyone free tell wo (; hohohohs

4:27 AM LOVE Y


16Aug08. h0h0h, went 0ut with my dearest boy. we went t0 amk hub hav 0ur brkfast, weetweet* n0t taken much ph0t0 t0 sh0w here. but still we are th sweetest one okaay? after our brkfast we went t0 sh0p, although amk hub thre is nthn much to shop, but i d0 n0t feel any boring when with him. smile' having a few h0urs 0f our 0uting nia, c0s 9pm nite dear hav t0 go w0rk. c0s 0f my BIRTHDAY c0ming soon, then he chiong all th way of his work to earn more money t0 just help me celebrate my birthday. OMG, its just so touching laa! dear, y0u are just s0 gd to me, i am just so love love you laa. before going back home(his house) we went to buy DURIAN PANCAKE, w0w! i love durian man, its just s0 nice laa! w0w, its just s0 many ppls q-ing up t0 just buy th durian pancake, yum yum, s0 yummy!

2:11 AM LOVE Y


blogging time again. 09AUG08, sat. i was finding ppl t0 g0 0ut with me, cos my dearest b0y was w0rking frm no0n t0 mid-nites i will be b0red t0 death if i r0t at his h0use wh0le day =x then i went t0 meet kelly, my twinnehx3 we meet 2pm at bugis MRT, butbutbut she was LATE! ROFL, sl0w like snail nor =x weet~ & then xiaoying, my xinganx3, but ended up she cant, s0 sad ); she is in rush 0f time t0 meet her boy, s0 nvr mind baa
wowow, i saw kelly le she was s0 pretty laaaa!!! s0 jeal0us l0 first she pei me t0 take my brkfast & we have a chichat awhile & then we went t0 bugis street t0 have 0ur sh0pping, wEetweEt~ say ha0 is she pei me g0 buy my things but ended up is she buying but n0t me. LMAO c0s idk want buy wht? then she help me t0 ch00se ...
hahahas, finally i brough a tude t0p. i will wear it 0n my birthday. h0h0h0h after that went t0 pick a t-shirt f0r my dearest b0y s0 l0ng nvr buy him anything le, s0 ... wakaka, after sh0pping 0f bugis we went t0 orchad
i g0 daba0 fo0d f0r my b0y & his br0. WTH lo, $10 1packet t0tal $20! ROFL, th rice make 0f g0ld?
s0 expencive siaaa, bobiann 0rder lia0 ); yeahsyeahsyeahs, g0 find dear le! after 0f all, h0me sweet h0me, really have l0t 0f fun with twinneh that day!

4:23 AM LOVE Y


bl0gging time! having a l0ng self sch h0liday le
tday actually gg 0ut with kelly th but end up she cant make it.
then just nice, suifeng msg me! asked me free maa'
s0 went 0ut with her, we meet 2pm at bed0k inter. i was th 1st t reach.
hahas, cos dont want a YUNFU wait f0r me maa!
we went t hav 0ur brkfast at LongJonhSilver, wEet*
i was s0 s0 s0 hungry lo, but als0 nvr finish up all jiu full le. LMAO lo!
after that we went t hav 0ur m0vie!
M0ney N0t Enough, th sh0w was s0 nice & touching!
i wanna watch againn );
after m0vie we went t TM sh0pping, i started tired le
we walk n0ne st0p lehh. was really tired le.
hohohoho, tday really have LOT of FUN laa!
meet up have fun so0n~

9:42 PM LOVE Y

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