i am guai t0day!
i went t0 sch w0r
hahas, nvr t0t 0f that right?
actually sch is n0t wht i t0t
is n0t as b0red as i t0t
sch is fun! weet
after sch was slacking with,
pinyen, chew, mel & huiling~
was saying gh0st st0ry! wo0t~
was quite fun th!
dear, i knw y0u miss-ing me laa
meet y0u up nxt sat 0kaay?
0r y0u want fri?
bleahs! gg 0ur 15th m0nths lia0 le!
hahahas, s0 happy laa
we must g0 enj0y h0r!

4:18 AM LOVE Y


9am bring my mama g0 h0spital
she lo0k s0 sad. );
10.37am, she went in t0 have 0perati0n.
i was s0 w0rry f0r her.
i went t0 have my brkfast
then went back t0 th ro0m t0 wait f0r my mum
i am b0red, dear was chating 0n ph0ne with me
s0 i was n0t that b0red. (;
12.05pm, my mum has finish-ed 0perati0n
she lo0k-ed s0 pain.
but anyway she is fine n0w
still n0t sure she can walk with b0th legs maa?
nxt m0nth still need t0 g0 back h0spital f0r chkup.
h0pefully i think she may be walk like bef0re?
HAPPY f0r her! she sure will be fine th ;DDDDD
tmr n0t sure gg back sch maa?
c0s i slp s0 l0ng le, n0w already 3am plus lia0
just wakup n0t l0ng 0nly ;X
i will try t0 g0 sch th!!!!
0kaay end here baa, i g0 eat mac le
wee~ hahas, hungry lia0
dear, i am miss-ing y0uuuu!

3:46 AM LOVE Y


t0day i went t0 sch le
finally i am back t0 sch (;
hahas, my N level is ard th corner le
i am sure that i will fail for that
i choose to fail, blame no one
actually i can really pass my N' lvl
but i choose to fail
if i go sch reguler i will learn much
but now is to0 late for me
nxt week my 'N' oral is going start.
t0day math less0n,
i d0nt even knw wht th teacher is teaching ab0ut?
i cant even understand
i really d0nt wish t0 fail my 'N'
but wht can i d0 n0w?
is really to0 late f0r me t0 change
wht i can d0 n0w is, just try my best 0n it
tmr i not going to sch, not i dont want to go
is i need to bring my mum to hospital for 0perati0n.
i am s0 stress n0w laaaa~
i wish i wish i wish*
i wish my mum after 0perati0n,
she may just walk like bef0re!
i have s0 many pr0blem t0 face
i really cant stand it anym0re
why everything happen t0 me 0r my family?
wht have we d0ne? ....
i am tired now...
s0 i will end here.
lastly i still nver f0rget.
dear, imissu every sec every m0nment.
i LOVES you! meet you up so0n 0kay?

6:56 AM LOVE Y


hey all readers~
hmm, t0day have ntn t0 update nehh
m0rning 9am plus cai went t0 slp
untill 10pm n0w then wake up! L0Ls
waa, i slp s0 l0ng le w0r
lalalas~ gg maple so0n lia0
wo0t~ may n0t be update 0ffen lia0.
will update when have event baa
miss all my gans~
&&& my 0nly b0yFRIEND!
i love him l0ts

11:48 PM LOVE Y

hey all readers,
i am back t0 update le
miss me right?
hahas, this 5days i was at my b0yF h0use
lalalas~ jeal0us maa?
everym0ment i was just beside him.
s0 sweet right? bleahs!
16june actually gg 0ut with jiejie & rebekah th
but end up n0t meeting up le. L0Ls
17june meeting my girlF up.
hahahas, we are s0 cute! ;PPP
we to0k manymany ph0t0! wo0t~
actually meeting my xingann th
end up never! ); sadded!
is 0kay naa, i understand her.
just reach h0me n0t l0ng!
sian sia my c0me cant dl maple patch!
fk l0, cant maple lia0!
s0 cheee laa. dulan!
sua la, gg slp so0n le baa.
byeee all~ LOVES~

1:42 AM LOVE Y


sry all readers~
hahas, i was busy-ing.
n0w here t0 update le.
t0day br0ugh my mum t0 h0spital chk-up
h0pe she will be stand up and walk like n0rmal so0n.
26th 0f june 0perati0n day.
i believe she can stand up and walk like bef0re.
everything will be fine t0 her. (;
& my bad erzi ahh!
f0rget me this mummy uh.
f0rget it, f0rgive y0u this time. -,-
was s0 b0red in h0spital n0r.
msg s0 many ppls 0nly my "jiejie" reply w0.
dear was maple-ing s0 never pei w0 );
my jiejie was th 0nly 0ne sui ha0 th!
lalalas~ rebekah exsa0sa0,
i help-ed y0u ask jiejie g0 0ut tgt 0n 16june lia0!
hahas, was very sucess. he agree le (;
see y0u & jiejie 0n 16june!
i miss&love b0th 0f y0u la! >,<

&dear sick lia0 ah?
must take gd care 0f y0urself la.
i cant alway by y0ur side tc y0u th.
s0 must learn t0 tc 0f y0urself uh.
i miss y0u much, see y0u 0n sat
i will alway love you as much as y0u d0
w0aini , ahPHWWWW y0ur are mine

3:05 AM LOVE Y


my sick rec0ver le. (;
finally i am fully rec0ver!
i hate sick damn l0ts le!
i d0nt wanna t0 fall sick again anym0re.
thanks f0r all 0f Y0U th c0ncen
any0ne free can text me 0ut le.
let g0 sh0pping^^
wahaha, i miss all 0f my GANs^^
meet me meet me**

dear, imy^^

5:21 AM LOVE Y


i am sick le!
having high fever nehh.
s0 sad, actually t0day g0nna meet dear th.
t0day 0ur 14th m0nths anniversay lehh.
dear sry lehh, meet y0u 0n nxt sat 0kaay?
d0nt sad 0kaay?
i love you laa.
will having fun with y0u when meet up th.

5:53 PM LOVE Y


i reach h0me le laa!
any0ne missing me?
n0 uhh? sad laa*
wakakaka s0 many days b0 update le h0r
was staying at my b0yF h0use! (;
t0day just went 0ut with SEEKEE*
ahaha, i br0ugh a new bag!
sad* didnt buy any cl0ths~
never mind still g0t chance th^^
any0ne free?
ji0 me 0ut pls!
wakakaka, i am desp0 0f gg sh0pping n0w
c0s was really l0ng b0 g0 sh0pping lia0.
that is why maa.
nites all~
deardear i will miss y0u th**
w0AiNi~ y0u are alway mine!

11:06 PM LOVE Y


lai p0st le!
i havent even slp da0 w0r.
since ytd nite!
was slacking in maple waiting f0r dear reach hm.
when he is hm, he pei me g0 ch0ing lvl!
wo0t~ i n0w lvl 106 lia0. t0day up le 5 lvl!
ahhahaha, p0wer maa? wee*
i was s0 tired n0w le!
gg slp so0n lia0.
warh, t0day slp early w0r me.
c0s i ever slp ytd maa.
ahhah, tired le laa.
dear, y0u als0 never slp!
must rest well laa.
meet yu tmr le laa.
t0day b0 meet w0r, c0s ch0ing maple! (;
deardear, w0 ai si ni le laa!
be my always!

2:18 AM LOVE Y

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