OFF Day, yet I am missing back to school for haircut training.. To be a stylish is one of my dream. & since now I've been learning this course so I will set this as my goals. I wanna to be a top stylish! Will I success? Yes, I believe I can. My attandance is getting improved. What I had promise my manager, I am proving to her now. It's may take sometime to change a person attitube am I right? Yes, I have grown up I know what to do & what cannot do. Seriously I really learn many new things from my outlet. We cannot have any enemys at work if not we will never in the mood to work well. This this what my senior once told me.. Everyone have their own attitube, we may be liked sometime & we may be hated sometime.. Everything is recycling. Most importantly at this course I found someone I need for th rest of my life. I really thank god for giving me such a nice gift. Ago maybe there is th one who I can go with for th rest of my life but I ruin it as I thought I am not enough of enjoy in life. Slowly I got into a relationship with some guys. I regretted I choose th wrong path. There aren't easy to find a true love. But I nvr thought that leon is my Mr Right. Leon is th first guy I ever loved so much I swear. I still remember th first time we met is to go pub. That time I got my bf & he got his gf. Actually I know him though my ex. & that time I don't really know him. We are just a cold friend no further more. Only untill that fucker ex hurt me again & again while leon & his ex seperate then we get to contact. At that time we get close like brother & sister. I love him as brother this is what I told myself & other. But slowly I am in trouble. I have fall for him. I will miss him. I dare not to tell him as I know we are impossible so I keep th secret to myself. Th first outing with him is on 1st of July to sentosa. I really enjoy & so happy. I am jealous at that time as well cos there is so many girls flirting around with him. I can't do anything just pretend there is nothing. At that time I believe he don't have any feeling for me yet. My heartbroken once is he told me to delete th post I have updated we went to sentosa as SOMEONE ask him a question that are we tgt?! I am angry & totally sad. I can feel that maybe he like HER. Then what for keep giving me a false hope!? So nvr mind, I deleted. Everytime I got upset is all bout his Stupid girls. Till one day I really can't tolerate then I tell him everything. Actually he alr know as my darling Nisyah told him before I did. So he know I love him but I don't know he love me or not. So we like dating but not tgt. & he is th one go though my 17th birthday with me. Our puppy luffy's is my birthday present on 3rd of sept. & it's a suprise for me on 9th of sept 2009. We are together for finally till now. I will not ruin it again. Baby I need you to be with me for th rest of my life. Will you?

1:37 AM LOVE Y



9:01 PM LOVE Y


Happy 7th Months together.
I can't believe it. From th first time I met you i tot that we are no further than a normal friend. But end up we are together. Baby if you're th first guy I met then I won't be regret being so much fool in my life. I love you so much. What I most apprehensive is one day you left me alone...

12:16 AM LOVE Y


Happy Birthday To baby's Dad(Future father-in-law). May all your dream come true.

11:07 PM LOVE Y

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