I'm just discharge from hospitalize yesterday! 7days & 6 night, those 7days baby never fail to come visit me. Everyday come accompany me til visiting hours over. I am so touched. He should be very tired but he never say. Every moment when visiting hour end my eyes will full of tears. D: I am heart pain for him as well as i can't bear to be alone without him. Baby you are the perfect one to me♥ I AM SO GRAT TO HAVE YOU!

3:07 PM LOVE Y


Tuesday, went Plaza Sing alone to meet my blogshop customer to collect payment at 4.30pm but she is late.. After collection of payment, so i shop around at Plaza Sing to get some toys for my lovely dog. Brought 3 Toys at Daiso & 2 small packs of Sticky Candy at Paper Market! (L) Meeting Keith at AMK to pass him his contact lenses but he is late too. ): Teach him how to wear but he still cant put it on for hours?... Anyway thank Keith for purchasing a pair of lenses from me. ;D
Wednesday, Today is our 17th monthsary & baby really did bring me to Sakae Sushi. So happy, finally i can eat my Chawamushi! (L) Sad that no raw food for me. Was wanting to eat Salmon Sashimi but not now...Valentine's day is coming & is the day for checkup as well. Three more months to go yea. (((; The best gift from god.

12:35 AM LOVE Y


Having dinner at East Coast Tung Lok Group Restaurant with baby's family & relatives. Lao Yu Sheng, Pen Cai, Glutinous Rice, Steamed Crab & Dessert for dinner. (; Really enjoying this year. Wed going sakae sushi. Keep eat & eat, growing fat real fast man. LOL.

11:43 PM LOVE Y


Second time for iphone exchange. My IPhone is back! After phone exchange, went to 313 somerset for dinner. It's been quite sometime never hav western food with baby already. Today finally got the chance yea. After our dinner, train down to yishun meet baby's mom, dad & Sis for movie. The great great world* It's a nice show but it's short... Can't wait for next movie. (: Am awaiting for coming wed for sakae sushi with baby that he promised me. (L) I miss chawamushi so much & sashimi, but I still can't take any raw food yet. However I am still great that wed going for sakae sushi. Anyway I am having lot of fun today yea. Happy* Tomorrow going for dinner with baby's relative. Will be update more often. Hey friends don't forget to support my blog shop as well. Thanks, loves!

11:02 PM LOVE Y

Just came back home from baby's grandparents house. (; Never expect that i will receive any angbao(s). Having my 3 in 1 meal at baby's grandparents house. Ate till so full, but always feel hungry in the middle of night.. Yes i am hungry NOW! But its already so late.. So endure till tomorrow morning then. Night All ^^


12:46 AM LOVE Y


Happy Chinese New Year!
Yesterday went back my home with baby to have reunion dinner. (; Bring my lovely Luffy home along. He was so naughty, keep barking none stop as he never been my home so my family are just strangers to him. But after my mom feed him with some banana & apples, he then no longer bark & let my mom pet on him. Such a clever dog. Hahas. Love him to the max. Having steamboat for our dinner, Lao Yu Sheng for ending & ya my mom has over buy the food... But anyway i am enjoying today. Bunny year, i wish everybody for good health, earn load money, win 4D/ToTo & most important happy everyday. Last but not least, wish the whole world couples to be sweet, lovely & lasting. (L)

4:02 AM LOVE Y

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