Off day. But still have to wake up as usual. Baby have an appointment with SGH at 11am. After hospital we train to vivo city for lunch. It's th first time baby having pastaminia with me. Usually our meal will be sakae sushi. After lunch so we head over to pet's lover for our lovly Luffy to buy food. Shop awhile then home to bring Luffy to doctor. Was worried too much! -.- he not even sick. Omg. It's sound like a fool.. After finishing doctor then str home. Helped luffy bath, wash ear, feed medicine & as well his dinner! (; that's all for today event. Night guys.

8:42 PM LOVE Y


Happy birthday to my baby's mom(future mother-in-law). Hmm, today after work gather together & travel down to sembawang shopping centre to have a birthday meal?. Have our meal at MOF. & omg, Kelly was there too. Hahas. Crap awhile. Nvr took any photo to upload. But it's a nice day.

9:51 AM LOVE Y


On leave today. & it's totally wasted. Why must a relationship external look so perfect but internal mostly so sad? Sigh. Forget it, let's drop th topic. Just woke up anyway. & not in th mood right now. Just feel like contiune to sleep, don't do anything & that's th end. Lifes hard.

8:09 PM LOVE Y


It's off day. (; hmm, nothing much to post actually. Went to woodland for movie, I was wanting to watch Being Human. Finally today we manage to watch. After movie then night market. & home sweet home. That's all for today. It may sound bored but it's Something mean for me. I love my boyfriend.

9:09 PM LOVE Y


Happy Six Months love!

10:53 PM LOVE Y


Off day! Baby accompany me to KKH via cab. Lol. Can't got up early. Was almost overslept. Appointment was at 12.30pm. But but we cabbed at 12.24pm. -.- so reach there it's already almost 1pm. So have to wait for doc till 2.30pm. -.- so long. But still I'm gret that it's th last time to go back again le. (((; after doc we went to novena for SAKAE SUSHI again. Omg, it's like every off day our meal is sakae sushi. Hahaha. Anyway I'm loving it.

11:53 AM LOVE Y

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