Was actually meeting my dearest JiaYing today as we plan a month ago. sad is she cant make it as her boy having bike accident. hope her boy will be fine. & so i will be accompany my boy then. ;D its been almost two month since i go for Sakae Sushi. Today finally have the chance to eat with baby. happy. baby say i wear col lenses look ahlian, do i? he say i should wear black in col.. but already say is lenses le that's why i wanna wear col de. D; maybe next lenses i will going to buy black ba. Peoples around me said, i look horrible & more like a kid when without make up. D;

11:08 PM LOVE Y


look any different with lenses? what i most worried is eyes infection. so i wont dare to try on those cheap lenses.

11:46 PM LOVE Y


Today accompany baby to hospital again. Just hope baby will be fine. D; after Doctor head over to ChinaTown to search for crazy col. Just can't find it! Maybe should try to get it from online? Subway for our meal. & I finally got my contact lens. (; it's shimmering grey. Tomorrow I will be trying to wear to work. ;D

7:25 PM LOVE Y

Having my haircut exam today. Totally thanks to CuiLian, Kerin & her friend for being th model. ;D anw it's time to go back sch for trainning. But sad that I am on th second batch. Different batch with my dearest baby. D; anw it's still okay cos we are just few hundred or thosand steps away? From MarinaSquare to Funan a estimate of 20mins walk? Good that if I knock off late he can come fetch me or he knock off late I can go fetch him. ;D

12:20 AM LOVE Y


How can a early 20s lady pretend like a 15s girl. I'm really feel so pissed off when see her. Totally feel so fuck. Anyone understand how's my feeling? I really can't forget th words from her fucking mouth. Everyday it's appear in my mind before I went sleep. "chey, 原来你的girlfriend也是没有用的." fuckfuckfuckla! Awwwww. I'm so going to mad la. I won't ever forgive her unless she apologised to me. You say she is joking but don't she have a BRAIN? & are you siding her? Can you imagine that my guy friends say that chey, 原来你的boyfriend也是没有用的 infront of everyone you know? Do you know th feeling? It's fucking suck. & then I tell you he is just joking & where will he know that.. Will you feel even more mad on it? I just hope she fucking kena rape by bangalas, fucking kena cheat by all guys & most importantly hope she fucking go far from me..! I'm swear to god if one day I really can't tolerate her anymore I will fucking slap her & kick her fucking loose CB.

7:47 PM LOVE Y


Happy Nine Months Together. But sad that baby is sick. ); what should I do? I don't even know how to take care of him... Just hoping that he will get well soon. God bless you.

5:36 PM LOVE Y


Jogging day. gosh man, I'm look so ugly without makeup!!! arhhh. anyway my first oversea online shopping has finally delivered. feel so great. & baby was actually going get contact lens for me today but miss it. sad. he is going to teach me how to wear. i was wanting to wear it long ago but just that i dont know how to wear. ); cant wait for it now.. hope to get it soon. ;DDD

11:06 PM LOVE Y

Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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