today very angry, really darn angry with sch teachers. fucking attitude at me. i did nthn, why alway aim me? fed up laa. so went shopping with rara & ahmag. go back in kena nag by VERON. say wht dont need go back for sch frm nxt mon onward. wht attitube sia? she inform outlet mannager alr. so really hav no choice, think twice again & go apogis to her. ask her for giving one last chance.. this time i will do better lo, wont suddenly went missing or whtever... hope she wont aim me again?

10:41 PM LOVE Y


Thank OBeeTing & OPinYen for coming parkway visit me! Love you guys so much laa. Haha. Hope we'll alway stay like last time we used to be.

1:57 PM LOVE Y


was actually going meet leon. but just having a bad quarrel with mom. so upset, feeling so down, no mood of doing anything & i'm sick right now so nvr meet him le. having a sight fever & headache. tomorrow i'll still go to work no matter what. i text my mannager for asking her that tomorrow can i go late for work or leave earlier as i'm not feeling well right now. she reply say come afternoon shift & takecare. anyway really thank to leon for chilling me up. (; really feeling much better le. god, i swear upon you i will work hard on my course & i will learn to save money from now onward. i wanna to prove to my mom that i'm not just anyhow spend th money!!!! & mom i'm sorry for saying so much things that hurt you. after quarreling with you i'm really feel so bad bout it. cry*
&& some photos with my stylish THOMAS. was wanna upload th days before..

12:42 AM LOVE Y


off day. woke up at 12pm plus? went prepare all that suddenly i wanna to look for my wallet then i realise my wallet LOST! goshgosh, HOW? my cash, NRIC, ATM card, EZ link & some stuff. shit* its should me dropped since ytd night after i broad cab with leon to his house tgt then i was feeling vomiting so seat down at waiting area for a very moment dropped? heartbroken can? sigh, nowadays i was so unlucky laa. hmm, today event was leon accompany me home take money frm mom then walked to bedok north blk 533 meet pinyen, chewling & junqiang plus his gf. slacked chit chat awhile then went to mac hav our lunch tgt while chew hav to go meet her mon le. its been so long since i last meet them. miss them so much. too bad beeting was not ard. after mac leon, pin & me went to blk 110, bedokgreensec outside wait for jasper & dom. woot, today meet quite alot of old friends. leave at 7plus as leon was nagging at me already. lol. sorry uh today is doing my stuff. haha, i tell pin bout th lalala. LOLS! pin, i knw wht to do. like you say (; OPINYEN, to you too. if you love him then frm friend slowly start back like you guy used to be...

12:33 PM LOVE Y


dead blog! okay ba, lets photo talk all. (;

4:23 AM LOVE Y


blog will be rot. hardly to blog.. & post thats useless hav been deleted.

12:04 AM LOVE Y

Welcome to 0h-mylove.blogspot.com ;DD

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